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Thursday 29th June 2017

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Celebrity Big Brother follows exactly the same format as the regular (or civilian) Big Brother, but instead of unknown contestants, the house is filled with a mixture of TV stars, celebrities and infamous showbiz faces.

While the regular show's viewing figures are dwindling, the celebrity version is still going strong, with averages across the series well over the two million mark.

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Two big characters look set to leave Celebrity Big Brother tonight
Friday 19th January 2018

It’s a double eviction tonight in Celebrity Big Brother after a shock nominations twist rocked the house. Betway’s odds indicate that tonight will see Rachel Johnson and John Barnes leave the famous bungalow. Both housemates…

Big Brother
Who is Courtney Act? Everything you need to know about the CBB housemate, aka Shane Jenek
Thursday 18th January 2018

If you hadn't heard the name Courtney Act this time last month, you certainly will have now. The drag queen has been all over the gossip columns since her eyebrow-raising entrance into Celebrity Big Brother 21, when she "accidentally"…

Big Brother
Luke Marsden: 'Let's clear out deadwood Dapper Laughs and keep Ann Widdecombe in!'
Wednesday 17th January 2018

A few more days have passed in the Celebrity Big Brother house and what a treat we’ve had. From skid marks on windows to bum cheek waxing – oh, and Ann drinking white wine in bed. The men have had the power to nominate while the…

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This is why Celebrity Big Brother viewers don't care about Ginuwine and Ashley's 'romance'
Tuesday 16th January 2018

Celebrity Big Brother bosses reeeeally want us to care about the on-off ‘romance’ between Ginuwine and Ashley. But the truth is, we don’t. In fact, viewers are more interested in Amanda Barrie clipping Wayne Sleep’s…

Big Brother
Lisa Appleton visits the Niagara falls but says 'no way' to being thrown over in a barrel!
Monday 15th January 2018

She may be a barrel of laughs – but there’s no way Lisa Appleton is going over the Niagara Falls in a wooden keg any time soon. The former Big Brother star visited the iconic waterfalls in Canada and was shocked to hear that some…

Big Brother
Luke Marsden: 'India's rollercoaster journey is the sort that makes you vomit when you get off'
Saturday 13th January 2018

As predicted by myself (and anyone with a brain) India got booted out first. She citied she “cocked it up” but maybe that was the problem? She wouldn’t stop talking about genitals! India’s “rollercoaster journey”…

Big Brother
'India is as irritating as thrush – but we need to save her from eviction' says Helen Wood
Friday 12th January 2018

Helen Wood has sent out a plea to Celebrity Big Brother viewers to save India Willoughby in tonight's eviction. Don't worry she hasn't changed her mind about the newsreader – she just wants to keep her in so the housemates…

Rebekah Shelton NOT dead – Big Brother star tweets saying her account was 'hacked'

Rebekah Shelton, formerly Rodrigo Lopez, sent out this video and tweet following the false news she had 'died'.

She has consulted her lawyer and says the person who hacked her account will 'pay for it'.

Big Brother
Transgender Big Brother star Rebekah Shelton dies aged 32
Friday 12th January 2018

Transgender Big Brother star Rebekah Shelton has died aged 32. She passed away ‘unexpectedly’ on Wednesday night. Rebekah appeared in the reality show in 2009 as Rodrigo Lopes where she finished in fifth place in series 10. At the…

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Big Brother
She's laying low, but high up, and can see everything... Where is Lisa Appleton?
Thursday 11th January 2018

Fresh from her Polar Bear Dip on New Year’s Day, Lisa Appleton is sending a special message all the way from Canada. The reality TV star, currently visiting her daughter in Toronto and keeping a bit of a low profile, recorded her first…

Reality Bite: Lisa Appleton has a special public service announcement...

Who'll Win has changed! We're now Reality Bite – your destination for TV, film and entertainment news.

Here's our Lisa Appleton with a message all the way from Toronto, Canada...

Big Brother
Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Who's hot and who's not ahead of first eviction
Wednesday 10th January 2018

She’s been driving the Celebrity Big Brother house mad for about a week now and it looks like India Willoughby is going to get her comeuppance on Friday. The transgender journalist and broadcaster is the red-hot favourite to be dumped…

Big Brother
Luke Marsden calls for live nominations every week as India and Jonny face eviction
Wednesday 10th January 2018

Over a week into ‘year of the woman’ and we’ve already witnessed the lads discussing which "bird they’d like to bang". Unsurprisingly Ann Widdecombe didn’t make the cut but Jess Impiazzi was the guys'…

Big Brother
Reality TV star Danielle Lloyd defends her decision to have ‘designer baby’
Tuesday 9th January 2018

Danielle Lloyd isn’t exactly one for shying away from controversy – and her latest comments are no different. The model and reality TV star has hit back at critics following her decision to choose the sex of her next baby. In an…

Big Brother
The many faces of Ann Widdecombe – Celebrity Big Brother edition
Tuesday 9th January 2018

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Ann Widdecombe has made somewhat of an impression in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Whether you agree with her political views or throw things at the TV when she speaks, she is certainly stirring…

Big Brother
'She's perfect!' Helen Wood supports Ann Widdecombe for ‘opening up conversation’ on Celebrity Big brother
Monday 8th January 2018

Helen Wood has come out in support of Ann Widdecombe on Celebrity Big Brother for ‘opening up important conversations’. The former Conservative minister has come under fire from viewers for her 'old fashioned' views about…

Big Brother
From zero to heroine! Celebrity Big Brother fans are loving 'potential winner' Courtney Act
Monday 8th January 2018

The Celebrity Big Brother house is full and it looks as though a female is in line for victory…. Sort of. Courtney Act, aka Shane Jenek, is being heavily backed with Betway to be crowned the 21st winner of the reality series. First priced…

Big Brother
Luke Marsden: 'A geriatric Billy Elliot, a nudist drag queen and that muggy one from Love Island'
Saturday 6th January 2018

'Year of the woman' is a format that lasted around four days. And how do you keep up the theme? Shove a load of men in there! Based on who they put in during last night’s second live launch show they may as well have…

Big Brother
Helen Wood reveals who's 'devious' and who she backs to win on Celebrity Big Brother
Friday 5th January 2018

Helen Wood says she’s loving the Celebrity Big Brother all-female twist and gives her verdict on the housemates ahead of tonight’s live show. The brow artist, from Bolton, says she’s warmed to quite a few housemates aside…

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