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Eurovision Song Contest Voting

The current voting format for Eurovision has been in place since 1975. Countries award a set of points from 1 to 8 with 10 and 12 being awarded to the two top favourite songs. From 1998 onwards all countries were encouraged to use public phone voting and text messaging, countries may not vote for their own countries songs. From Eurovision 2006 to speed up the voting process which used to have an announcement of every single point, the points from 1 to 7 were flashed on the screen immediately and the presenters only called out the points for 8, 10 and 12 individually.

Political Voting

Over the years the show has been criticized for the political nature of the voting with many countries appearing to vote for their political and economic allies rather than for the best song. However galling this might be for the observer there is also a cultural element in this process. Neighbouring nations very often have similar musical tastes and culturlal loadstones, although at times it has been hard for commentators to justify voting patterns on anything other than political manoeuvring.

At a meeting of the EBU in September 2007 it was agreed that  that from Eurovision 2008 there would be two semi finals to try to counter this political postering and to  stop block voting, i.e. Greece cannot vote for Cyprus and the United Kingdom cannot vote for Ireland. This has had some impact on the result but has not entirely curbed the practise, which is entrenched in centuries of European history.

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