White Christmas odds 2017

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White Christmas odds 2017

Many of us may dream of a  White Christmas, and feel cheated should the promise of many Christmas cards not come true, but in reality it is quite a rare occurrence in the UK. 2009 was the last time that London was deemed to have had snow on the 25th December, although only a single snowflake has to fall on the roof of the Met Office building. Those who forecast the weather by less scientific means are sure that the prevalence of berries this Winter signify that we are about to experience a cold and potentially snowy Christmas. Although on the other hand a proliferation of berries may simply mean we have enjoyed a particularly mild Autumn! Here are the latest bookmaker odds for a White Christmas in 2015 across the globe.

White Christmas odds
Winnipeg 1/33
Montreal 1/9
Toronto 3/10
Vancouver 1/1
Dundee 2/1
Glasgow 3/1
Manchester 4/1
Belfast 5/1
Cardiff 6/1
London 6/1
Birmingham 6/1
Dublin 6/1
Cork 7/1
Right Column TBC