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10 insane Game of Thrones theories that didn't come true

Wednesday 28th November 2018

The wide world of Westeros is kept alive by fandom and the various theories on where Game of Thrones will go in Season 8. With only six episodes left, there are sure to be some leftover theories that are never resolved and will simply row off into the distance like Gendry.

Game of Thrones has a loyal following of fans who think they’ve worked out everything that George R.R. Martin has planned for the Seven Kingdoms, but there’s a fine line between well-rounded theories and downright tin foil plotting. With this in mind, here are 10 Game of Thrones theories that were totally debunked.

Ned Stark survived

Don’t lose your head over this one, but some fans think that Ned Stark survived his dramatic send-off at the end of Season 1. A beheading is a pretty surefire way to ensure someone is dead, but some suggest that the Stark Family’s warging history came into play.

The theory goes that the Hand of the King warged into the body of either Joffrey Baratheon, Tywin Lannister, or even Ice -- his own Valyrian steel sword. Considering Joffrey choked to death at the Purple Wedding, Tywin met his maker on the crapper, and Ice was melted down to make Widow’s Wail and Oathbreaker, this one is officially debunked.

Game of Thrones odds

Ramsay is Azor Ahai

 While the name Snow is assigned to those poor bastards born out of wedlock, someone on Reddit asked whether the Lady Melisandre had got the wrong Snow during her search for the Lord of Light. Mel isn’t that good when it comes to the finer details, so what if Ramsay Snow was the hero reborn instead of Jon Snow?

Melisandre is still tipping Jon to be the legendary Azor Ahai, but with Ramsay now six feet under, it puts the Bolton bastard's claim to the theory in the bin -- not that many people were buying it anyway.

Hodor is a horse

With Kristian Nairn’s Hodor only muttering the same phrase over and over again, it was clear something troubling had happened in the character’s past. Game of Thrones showed off a heartwarming relationship between Hodor and Lyanna Stark, leading to a bizarre Reddit theory that he warged into her horse to keep her safe. Alongside this, it means that the horse’s mind is what was left inside Hodor’s human form.

Instead, audiences were gifted “The Door” in Season 6 and one of the best episodes in the show’s history. Bran Stark’s meddling in the past had actually led to the young Hodor (really called Wylis) being trapped between the past and the present. Hodor was left forever repeating “hold the door” as the White Walkers tore him to shreds.


Everyone knows the R+L=J, but what about D+D=T. Easily one of the most crackpot Thrones theories of all time claims that Tyrion is the child of Daenerys and Drogo. Redditor xyseth came up with the theory and stirred up some serious hate online.

It all centred around the villainous Mirri Maz Duur’s and that Dany’s baby was born as a deformed creature. With a Footballer’s Wives baby-swap magic and the use of time travel, the insane theory guessed that Tyrion is Dany’s child. Simply, you only have to look at the hatred in Tywin Lannister’s eyes to know that Joanna Lannister died giving birth to the Imp.


The biggest Thrones twists of all time -- that was clocked ahead of time -- is Jon Snow’s secret Targaryen lineage. Diving into the internet, there was a gross-out version of Jon Snow’s parentage that really amped up the incest aspect of Martin’s world.

One user posted a sick twist on A Forum of Ice and Fire that Ned and Lyanna Stark had a baby together. Those Tower of Joy scenes quickly put this to bed and fans could sleep soundly that the King in the North is the lovechild of Rhaegar and Lyanna.

Daario Naharis is Benjen Stark

An early casualty of the show was Joseph Mawle’s Benjen Stark when he bowed out in Episode 3. While audiences always assumed that Benjen would return, Winter is Coming guessed that the recasting of Daario Naharis with Michiel Huisman in Season 4 was a way to reintroduce Ned Stark’s brother.

The main evidence was Huisman’s resemblance to Mawle. Considering Ed Skrein played the first version of Daario and he looks nothing like Benjen, this theory was flawed from the very start. Uncle Benjen was brought back (briefly) in Season 7 to rescue Jon Snow, and safe to say, he definitely wasn’t Daario.

Sansa’s pregnancy

After escaping the horrors of King’s Landing and Joffrey, things didn’t get much better for Sophie Turner’s Sansa Stark. One terrifying theory said that after her wedding night rape, Sansa could be pregnant with Ramsay Bolton’s baby.

Ramsay became the big bad of the North and was finally offed by Sansa setting his own dogs on him, but where did the pregnancy rumours come from? It was due to Ramsay’s sneers that he was “inside” Sansa and would stay there even after his death. Thankfully, she never popped out his demonic spawn.

The Mountain has Joffrey’s head

The books had already prophesied that the colossal Ser Robert Strong sent to protect Cersei was actually a Frankenstein’s Monster made from the poisoned body of Gregor Clegane. Theorists took the “build a monster” idea even further and some suggested that Maester Qyburn had sewn Joffrey’s head onto Clegane’s body.

Considering that The Mountain doesn’t exactly say a lot these days, it was possible that Joffrey’s villainous mug was under there. Thankfully, Clegane eventually took his helmet off to reveal that it’s still Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson's head on those broad shoulders.

Meera Reed is Jon’s twin sister

Similar to the Benjen/Daario theory, the idea that Meera Reed is Jon's twin relies on the idea that Kit Harington and Ellie Kendrick have similar hair. Kendrick spoke at the London Film & Comic Con (via Radio Times) and admitted that even she wasn’t buying it. She also pointed out that the two characters are described as being nothing alike in the books

Not to pick this one apart even more, but Meera has green eyes and the Stark’s definitely don’t. Even if there was any legs to the idea of another shocking Jon Snow family reveal, the fact that Kendrick won’t be back in Season 8 puts this one to bed once and for all.

Jon warged into Ghost

When Game of Thrones spectacularly killed off Jon Snow in Season 5’s jaw-dropping finale, it was clear that the Lord Commander wouldn’t be a frozen corpse for long. Even on a show known for its major character exits, someone like Jon Snow was just too important to bow out so early on.

It was unclear how Jon would return, while some crackpot theories guessed that he’d warg into the body of his Direwolf. The books amp up the idea of Starks and their warging, while the show has already shown this with Bran’s abilities. Ironically, Ghost the Direwolf has been MIA since the start of Season 6 and Jon's resurrection, but it turned out that no, Jon doesn’t have the power to warg -- well, not yet anyway.

Game of Thrones: Who will rule Westeros odds

Bran Stark 1/1
Daenerys Targaryen 3/1
Any Child Of Daenerys Targaryen 3/1
Any Child Of Jon Snow 3/1
Jon Snow 7/2
Tyrion Lannister 11/2
Cersei Lannister 9/1
Nights King (Current Leader Of The White Walkers) 10/1
Sansa Stark 12/1
Arya Stark 16/1
Gendry 16/1
Any Child Of Cersei 20/1
Samwell Tarly 33/1
Jaime Lannister 33/1
Lord Varys 50/1
Euron Greyjoy (Crows Eye) 50/1
The Children Of The Forest 66/1
Ser Davos 80/1
Podrick Payne 80/1
Jaqen H'ghar 100/1
Bronn Of The Blackwater 100/1
Grey Worm 100/1
Missandei 100/1
Brienne Of Tarth 100/1
Lyanna Mormont 100/1
Jorah Mormont 100/1
Victarion Greyjoy 100/1
Tycho Nestoris 100/1
Beric Dondarrion 100/1
Tormund Giantsbane 100/1
Theon Greyjoy 125/1
Yara Greyjoy 125/1
Catelyn Stark (Lady Stoneheart) 150/1
Eddison Tollett (Dolorous Edd) 150/1
Meera Reed 250/1
Ellaria Sand 250/1
Ser Pounce 250/1
Illyrio Mopatis 250/1
Hot Pie 325/1
Gilly 325/1
Ed Sheeran 325/1

Game of Thrones: Who will rule Westeros odds

3. Any Child Of Daenerys Targaryen
8. Nights King (Current Leader Of The White Walkers)
16. Euron Greyjoy (Crows Eye)
17. The Children Of The Forest
33. Catelyn Stark (Lady Stoneheart)
34. Eddison Tollett (Dolorous Edd)
Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 15:37 . Odds are subject to change.
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