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10 most iconic I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! moments

Thursday 11th October 2018

Every year, there’s a rumble in the jungle when ITV takes us deep into the heart of Australia and dumps a bunch of ‘celebrities’ for two weeks of eating eating witchetty grubs and clearing out the dunny.

Across 17 seasons, I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! has kept us glued to our TV screens since 2002. With everyone from Katie Price to Edwina Currie providing the entertainment, you have to have some real kangaroo balls to take on the challenge. Looking back over the years of tears and trials, here are the 10 most iconic I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! moments.

10. Katie Price ditches Alex Reid

Katie Price has a complicated history with I’m a Celebrity and even met former bae Peter Andre during her first stint.

When Pricey returned to the Aussie jungle in 2009, she spectacularly ditched her next boyfriend live on air.

Leaving the jungle two weeks early, the artist formerly known as Jordan said she’d had enough of cage fighter Alex Reid. Price was in no mood for pleasantries and declared she was sick of him making money off her.

Let’s be honest, there are nicer ways to tell someone it’s over.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! odds

9. Gillian McKeith faints

One of the best I’m a Celebrity villains of all time was Gillian McKeith. The nutritionist didn’t particularly do anything wrong, but it didn’t stop the public turning on McKeith and voting her for every task they could.

Things came to a head when McKeith gave audiences the most OTT moment ever on the show. Nominated for yet another Bushtucker Trial in 2010, McKeith ‘fainted’ into the arms of Ant and Dec. Personally, we think she should’ve been nominated for a BAFTA.

8. David Guest’s tall tales

The late David Guest was mesmerising during any reality show he went on. Before inadvertently giving us that iconic “David’s dead” moment on CBB, Guest appeared on Series 6 of I’m a Celebrity and enjoyed keeping his campmates entertained.

Open-mouthed celebs like Jason Donovan, Toby Anstis, and Myleene Klass weren’t buying that Guest’s maid was called Vaginica Semen. Nowadays, Vaginica doesn’t sound too out-there compared to North-West and Blue Ivy.

7. Anything with Gemma Collins

With Gemma Collins’ upcoming turn in Dancing on Ice promising to be must-watch television, let’s head back to the early days of her reality fame. Briefly appearing in Series 14, it became apparent that the TOWIE star didn’t really know what she’d signed up for in the jungle.

Having a panic attack before the helicopter to camp even took off, Collin’s three-day stint involved threatening to kill herself on live TV if she wasn’t given a treat, talk of “yellow poo”, and being pretty sure she had Malaria. To this day, Gemma continues to be a TV legend.

6. Katie Price and Kim Woodburn’s Bushtucker Trial

Two women you wouldn't want to mess with are Kim Woodburn and Katie Price. The frankly genius pairing of the two battelaxes for “Vile Vending” goes down in history as a trial that was just as gripping as it was stomach-churning.

Both women put up a good fight, but while Price was a little more reserved, there was no stopping Woodburn. The highlight came when the How Clean is Your House? star chowed down on a kangaroo’s testicle. Woodburn has always been known as a bit of a ball-buster, but none of us expected that!

5. Paul Burrell’s Hell Holes

In the early days of I’m a Celebrity, the tasks were nothing compared to the eyeball-popping, bum-munching ones we’ve come to love and loathe today. As Series 4’s standout Paul Burrell stuck his hand in a tree for “Hell Holes”, it was pretty obvious he wasn’t touching peeled grapes and cold beans in a Halloween trick.

The shamed royal servant squealed his way through the trial and gifted the viewing public with some of the most meme-worthy facial expressions we’ve ever seen. At least it worked, meaning Burrell came in a respectable second place behind Joe Pasquale.

4. Myleene Klass and THAT bikini

With hundreds of cameras on your 24/7, it might be easy to forget that even your most private moments could be broadcast to the nation. This didn’t stop Hear’Say’s Myleene Klass showering in a very skimpy bikini. The moment sent pulses racing around the world and even led to Klass selling her little white number for £7,500 in a charity auction on eBay.

Since then, pretty much every celebrity has tried to recreate the moment in their own way. Sadly, watching Janice Dickinson, Kim Woodburn, and Lady Colin Campbell under a waterfall just doesn’t have the same pull.

3. Sausagegate

As the Snickers advert reminds us all, “You’re not you when your hungry”, but still, that doesn’t really justify Antony Worrall Thompson’s ravenous outburst in Series 2. Spurred on Changing Rooms’ Linda Barker, Worrall stormed out of camp over claims that the nine stars John Fashanu had won wouldn't feed the hungry campmates.

Storming the set behind-the-scenes, a raging Wozza confronted the crew and demanded to speak to his agent. It wasn't quite the mutiny everyone hoped for and the celebrities returned to camp with a little more food in their bag.

2. Natalie Appleton’s fear of trees

Forget a fear of clowns, former All Saints star Natalie Appleton (apparently) suffers from a fear of trees. While heading into the jungle with Hylophobia isn't a good idea, it does provide some amazing TV.

Appleton’s cries of "Mummy, I can't do this...I'm not happy. Help me!" made her a prime target for Bushtucker Trials. The singer was offered an oxygen mask after her tightrope trial and eventually walked when she was nominated for her fifth task.

1. Insania

As well as birthing a reality TV golden couple with Katie Price and Peter Andre, Series 3 also gave us “Insania”. Andre had clearly fallen head over heels for the glamour model and decided to share his emotions in a pretty unusual way.

A ‘clever’ mashup of the words “insane” and “mania”, this was some Mensa-level stuff. After the show ended, Andre and Price embarked on a five-year relationship which we can thank “Insania” for. It’s not quite “Mysterious Girl” but give the guy some credit.

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