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10 weird James Bond facts you may be surprised about

Thursday 25th October 2018
Roger Moore James Bond 2

With all the buzz surrounding the next identity of 007, let's look at some of the lesser know facts that have made James Bond one of the most watched movie franchises of all time.

1. The King of Pop turned secret agent

Some time in the early 80s, Michael Jackson actually pleaded with the films creators to become the first black bond.

As much as we all love the King of Pop, I'm sure everyone will agree the casting department at MI6 made the right move here. 

2. Absolute anarchy

Our beloved secret agent is responsible for no less than 352 deaths ranging from Dr No, all the way to Quantum of Solace.

Funnily enough he has slept with 52 women in that time which keeps things nice and tidy for the record books. 

3. Taxi!

The fifth instalment of Bond is the only movie where the agent does not drive a car.

The 1967 film You Only Live Twice does not even feature an Aston Martin.

He does however crash a small plane which more than makes up for it. 

4. Nope!

The shark-infested pool in Thunderball is iconic in its own right, however stuntman Bill Cumming was reportedly paid just $450 to jump into the water with the live sharks.

In today's money that is around $3,600 (or £2,750) to swim with live sharks. Really doesn't seem worth it.

5. Ring Ring!

Actress Judi Dench actually has the James bond theme music as her ring tone. According to her co stars on the movie Skyfall, her phone rang and the iconic music played. She was a little embarrassed by all accounts but we all still love her. 

6. The difficult second album

Of all the Bond films out there, Quantum of Solace is the only actual sequel. All the rest are just stand alone stories. This makes it easier to account for Bond's age and appearance changing every two or three movies and gives Ian Fleming and film makers much less restrictions when writing the storylines.

7. Confidential

From 1953, Ian Fleming had wrote about a secret agent who worked for MI6 which, at the time, didn't officially exist until the intelligence agency became public knowledge in 1994.

We bet when the first Casino Royale novel hit stores, the British government was slightly unnerved by this secret getting out.

8. Shaken, not stirred

We all know the iconic beverage of preference for 007, a martini, shaken not stirred.

However, what you may not know is the amount of calories in a martini is around 130, the same number of calories an average male burns during a roll around in the sheets.

Was this coincidence or clever writing by Ian Fleming?

9. Tuxe-no

While Pierce Brosnan was under contract to play 007 it is reported that he wasn't allowed to wear a tux in any other role.

One of the clauses, apparently, in the contract for the role as James Bond Stated that Brosnan wasn't to wear the iconic outfit of the secret agent for any other movie he starred in during his time in MI6.

10.  Blondes have more fun.

If you pay close attention to the background planes in Pussy Galore's Flying Circus the pilots are not what they appear.

The film stars females for the foreground shots but the background footage of the in-flight planes show male pilots wearing blonde wigs.

Next James Bond odds

Richard Madden 1/1
Tom Hiddleston 5/2
Tom Hardy 5/1
Idris Elba 6/1
Aidan Turner 12/1
Henry Cavill 14/1
Cillian Murphy 16/1
Ewan Mcgregor 20/1
Taylor Kitsch 20/1
James Norton 25/1
Michael Fassbender 25/1
Sam Heughan 33/1
Jack Huston 33/1
Orlando Bloom 33/1
Kit Harington 50/1
Gillian Anderson 50/1
Damian Lewis 50/1
Jamie Bell 50/1
Robert Pattinson 66/1
Dan Stevens 66/1
Andrew Lincoln 66/1
Rizwan Ahmed 66/1
Jamie Dornan 66/1
Sam Claflin 66/1
Jack O Connell 66/1
John Boyega 66/1
Richard Armitage 66/1
Channing Tatum 66/1
Colin Salmon 80/1
Tom Cullen 80/1
Jack Lowden 100/1
Jason Statham 100/1
Matt Damon 100/1
Christian Bale 100/1
Jude Law 100/1
Taron Egerton 100/1
Luke Evans 100/1
Colin Firth 100/1
Benedict Cumberbatch 100/1
Clive Owen 100/1
Nicholas Hoult 125/1
Chiwetel Ejiofor 125/1
David Oyelowo 125/1
James Mcavoy 150/1
Ryan Gosling 150/1
Adrian Lester 150/1
Chris Hemsworth 150/1
Matthew Goode 150/1
Martin Freeman 200/1
Charlie Hunnam 200/1
Gerard Butler 200/1
Matthew Lewis 200/1
Rupert Friend 200/1
Matthew Macfadyen 200/1
Philip Winchester 200/1
Luke Goss 200/1
Julian Mcmahon 250/1
Craig Fairbrass 250/1
Jeremy Renner 250/1
Dominic West 250/1
Hugh Jackman 250/1
Guy Pearce 250/1
Tom Ellis 250/1
Leonardo Dicaprio 250/1
Goran Visnjic 250/1
Adrian Paul Hewett 250/1
Eric Bana 250/1
Daniel Radcliffe 250/1
James Purefoy 250/1
Russell Crowe 250/1
Liev Schreiber 250/1
Tom Felton 275/1
Jamie Foxx 275/1
Barry Sloane 300/1
Eddie Redmayne 300/1
Tim Roth 300/1
Colin Farrell 300/1
Alex O Loughlin 300/1
Sam Riley 300/1
Dougray Scott 300/1
Hugh Grant 400/1
Danny Dyer 400/1
Rupert Penry-Jones 400/1
Liam Hemsworth 400/1
Sam Worthington 400/1
Max Ryan 400/1
Helen Mirren 400/1
Rupert Everett 500/1
Justin Hartley 500/1
Will Smith 500/1
Alan Carr 500/1
P Diddy 500/1
Kristen Stewart 500/1
Robbie Williams 500/1
Rufus Sewell 500/1
Harry Styles 500/1
David Walliams 500/1
David Beckham 500/1
Ot Fagbenle 500/1
Mark Strong 500/1

Next James Bond odds

Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 15:26 . Odds are subject to change.
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