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5 of the most unprepared I'm a Celebrity contestants

Wednesday 14th November 2018

Jungle life on ITV's flagship reality show I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! is definitely not easy.

But what helps is having a good team of campmates that get stuck into challenges and don't mind making a fool of themselves on TV.

However each year there's always one that probably shouldn't have taken up residence in the camp—whether it be because of their raging phobias, airs and graces or snoring problem.

With another series starting lets look back at five campmates you wouldn't want to 

5. Joey Essex 

Year: 2013

Eliminated: 9th

For a guy who would struggle to make it through a year three exam, Joey Essex has done well for himself in life. Lots of money, big house, nice cars and some of the most beautiful women in England hanging off his arms on a weekly basis.

However, Joey wasn’t the ideal neighbour to have down under. Constantly not having a clue what was going on or how to do things must have been highly frustrating for everyone else involved.

Perhaps a lovely young lad and entertaining in small doses, but when you’re on the brink of starvation and a lovely treat from the Outback Shack is dependent on someone’s ability to perform basic maths, Joey definitely wouldn't be your first choice to have around.

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4. Uri Gellar

Year: 2002

Eliminated: 1st

The self-proclaimed psychic and TV magician tried his best to get involved with the camp by holding a weird séance where he attempted to contact the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Let's just say the rest of the cast weren’t as keen on the idea.

This definitely went down like a lead balloon with not just the celebs but the entire British public, who cringed every time he opened his mouth.

3. Neil 'Razor' Ruddock

Year: 2004

Eliminated: 3rd

ITV tried to lure in the football fanbase that thrives in Britain with the inclusion of Neil 'Razor' Ruddock—and he was the early bookies' favourite.

But it quickly transpired that poor Razor was not made for jungle life and frustrated his campmates with his loud snoring and mood swings.

To be fair to Razor, he conquered his fear of heights to win food for the camp, but unfortunately it wasn't enough and he became the third celebrity to be eliminated.

He later used his appearance by recording a charity single, a version of Jungle Rock—which he performed in the jungle—with fellow contestants Lord Brocket, Peter Andre and Mike Read.

2. Natalie Appleton

Year: 2004

Withdrew after 8 days

“Agghh sweet f***ing Hell, I just touched a f***ing” tree!”

This was just one of the absolute pearls that left Natalie Appleton’s mouth during her stint down under.

The former singer (see video above) spent most of her time acting like a spoilt brat and declaring she had seen two monkeys, ahem, enjoying each other’s company in the shared toilets.

She certainly wasn’t 'All Saint' if you ask her fellow campers.

1. Gillian McKeith

Year: 2010

Eliminated: 5th

After announcing to the camp that she had an unbelievable phobia of everything that moves, Gillian McKeith also refused to eat any bug due to her strict vegan diet.

The public saw this opportunity and tortured the You Are What You Eat presenter with almost every task imaginable.

This in turn caused Gillian to keep fainting and arguing with the entire camp. Appearing on the ITV reality show probably did a lot more harm to her public image, than good.

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