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8 Doctor Who characters that need to return

Monday 12th November 2018

That blue box has whirred its way back onto our screens as Doctor Who returns to the BBC in style. Kick-starting a whole new era with Jodie Whittaker as a female version of the Doctor, new showrunner Chris Chibnall takes over from the Steven Moffat days.

Marrying together the old and new of the Whoniverse, there is an almost infinite number of characters who could come back for Series 11 of the rebooted show. So, if you’re ready, let’s open up the time vortex and look into the past. Hold onto your Sonic Screwdrivers, here are 8 Doctor Who characters who should return.

Captain Jack Harkness

One of the best Doctor Who inventions of all time was Captain Jack Harkness. John Barrowman joined the Whoniverse in 2005’s “The Empty Child” and even went on to have his own spin-off, Torchwood.

Given Jack’s bisexuality, the casting of Whittaker as a female Doctor could lead to an interesting dynamic. There was a long-held theory that Jack would become the Face of Boe -- which was later confirmed in series 3’s “Last of the Time Lords” -- meaning there are plenty of stories to tell in between.

The Doctor’s Daughter

A perfect spin-off in the making, the Doctor’s daughter is out there somewhere, hopefully living a life of happiness. Fans only met Jenny for a single episode in Series 4 and it was Russell T. Davies’ original idea to kill her off. Steven Moffatt intervened and made sure she’d live to fight another day.

With Jenny played by Georgia Moffett, she’s something of a Doctor Who legend thanks to being Peter Davidson’s real-life daughter and the wife of David Tennant. Forget daddy issues, why not give Jenny some mummy issues as she battles with losing a father and gaining a mother?

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Susan Foreman

Another member of the Doctor’s extended family is Susan. Heading back to the first series of Doctor Who, Carole Ann Ford played the Doctor’s granddaughter and original companion. Imagine the storyline where a young Whittaker comes across her much older granddaughter and tries to explain that one.

Ford’s last regular appearance was in 1964, but she’s reprised the role for a 1993 charity special and does regular radio stints as Susan.

River Song

Alongside Barrowman’s fan-favourite performance as Captain Jack, there’s always room for Alex Kingston as River Song. Considering that River was pitched as a one-shot character who died in her first episode, it’s amazing to think of the complicated lore Doctor Who has made for her.

Famously known as the Doctor’s wife, the show could continue pushing the envelope and feature the gender-flipped lead in a same-sex relationship.


Chris Chibnall reportedly wants to bring Doctor Who back to its family roots, and what better way than having the Doctor’s most loyal companion return?

K-9 may have been a big part of the forgettable The Sarah Jane Adventures, but with the tragic passing of Elisabeth Sladen in 2011, the dutiful dog is without an owner. A shot of K-9 appeared in a behind-the-scenes photo from Series 11, sparking speculation he could be coming back to join Whittaker.

The Rani

With both the Master and Missy kicking the bucket towards the end of Capaldi’s tenure -- we’re guessing not for long -- there could be a villainous gap for the return of the Rani. Played by the late Kate O’Mara in the ‘80s, the Rani only appeared in the serials The Mark of the Rani and Time and the Rani before Doctor Who went on hiatus.

Opinions remain divided on how iconic the Rani is or whether audiences were just blown away by O’Mara, but there’s no denying she’d cause a stir. Pretty much every time a new female has been teased, fans have gone into overdrive it could be the Rani.

Canton Delaware III

Another LGBTQ character primed for a return is Canton Delaware III. Introduced alongside Matt Smith’s era of the Doctor, Delaware was an ex-FBI Agent recruited by the Doctor to help defeat the Silence.

Delaware was played by Mark Sheppard (in his younger form) and already admitted he’d love to return to the series. Sheppard said he sees Delaware more like the Brigadier than a companion, meaning he could pop up on Doctor Who every now and then.

The Valeyard

Another villain we’d like to see make a long-awaited return would be the Valeyard. Appearing in 1986’s Trial of a Time Lord serial, the Valeyard was described as an amalgamation of the Doctor’s darker side between his twelfth and final incarnation. The Valeyard was last seen disguised as the Keeper of the Matrix and his whereabouts have never been confirmed since.

Audiences will remember that Toby Jones played a pretty similar character known as the Dream Lord, so if the Valeyard is out, Jones could easily return to show the Doctor’s dark side once again.

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