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Game of Thrones Season 8 Death List: Our top 3 to die in season 8

Thursday 7th February 2019
Jamie Lannister
Jamie Lannister

The most watched series of the decade comes to a conclusion this year, with the final season of Game of Thrones airing on the 14th of April (15th for us in the UK) across 6 episodes, reportedly in 60 minutes plus action drama packed episodes.

The show has killed off both loved and hated characters since season 1, and the bookies have been busy putting together their shortlist of who won't be seeing the end of the long night.


Euron Greyjoy
Euron Greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy

Good old Euron seen above kidnapping his niece is the bookie favourite not to make it into his old age. The King of the Iron Islands has been making enemies since his introduction in season 6, the captain of the Silence long list of people that would like the pleasure of helping him come to an end is considerable, and perhaps only second to the current queen Cersei Lannister. We're backing an end to Greyjoy senior by his nephew.

Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister

Our top pick not to make it to the end of winter is the current queen of Westeros. The ruthless ruler has had quite the journey, scheming, murdering and generally not being everyones cup of tea, we're hoping she'll meet her end by her brother lover Jamie. Season 7 came to an end with Jamie having enough of her trechory and heading north to support the Targaryan Stark alliance against the white walkers. The bookie odds here are a clear indicator of her not making the distance.


Jorah Mormont

Captain friend zone has surprised us all by escaping the certain death of grey scale and returning back to his Khaleesi. A generally honourable man, some hiccups aside, Jorah's devotion to his queen has stood the test of time and will play an important role in the battle to come. However, there is no such thing as happy endings with the show, and we're backing Jorah to die protecting his queen before the end of show.


That completes our top 3 death list with more odds on favourites below.

Game of Thrones - To Die

Euron Greyjoy 1/50
Cersei Lannister 1/33
Jaime Lannister 1/12
Lord Varys 1/10
Jorah Mormont 1/7
Beric Dondarrion 1/6
Melisandre 2/9
The Hound 1/3
Daenerys Targaryen 1/3
Grey Worm 2/5
Sansa Stark 1/2
Theon Greyjoy 1/2
Tyrion Lannister 8/13
Brienne of Tarth 11/10
Podrick Payne 11/10
Bronn of the Blackwater 6/5
Jon Snow 2
Bran Stark 9/4
Arya Stark 11/4
Samwell Tarly 11/4
Gilly 7/2

Game of Thrones - To Die

16. Bronn of the Blackwater
Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 13:23 . Odds are subject to change.
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