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A Star is Born: What classic films could Oscar nominee Lady Gaga remake next?

Thursday 8th November 2018

Lady Gaga’s songs and videos have always been performances of more than music, so it was no surprise to see her taking to the cinema like a fish to water in A Star Is Born. Her first starring role, a part previously played by Dorothy Parker in 1937 and Barbra Streisand in 1976, already looks set to earn Gaga her first Oscar. Here are four more classic pairs of shoes she could be the one to step into.


An extravaganza of singing and dancing like this 1972 stage-to-screen musical is exactly the kind of film that could put all of Gaga’s skills to good use, from the tender romance scenes to the defiantly over-the-top costumes and musical numbers. Set in the last days of the Weimar Republic, with the rise of the far right as its ominous backdrop, Cabaret couldn’t suit today’s frightening political climate better. Liza Minelli shone as singer Sally Bowles last time—but could Gaga shine brighter?

Forbidden Planet

Everyone knows Lady Gaga loves preposterously wacky costumes—and happily enough, Guardians of the Galaxy has spawned a rebirth of the “Space Opera” genre. There’s any number of far-flung and flamboyantly-attired adventures out there that Gaga could make over, but why not go right back to the original sci-fi blockbuster. This spacebound reimaging of Shakespeare’s The Tempest even features a heroine, Altaira, noted for creating her own clothes.

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Groundhog Day

Given that it’s a story of a man reliving the same day over and over again, it’s ironic that Groundhog Day has so far escaped the insatiable Hollywood remake machine. The 1993 original, starring Bill Murray and Andie McDowell, is a beloved classic—but a new version could explore ideas cut from the darker original script. Instead of falling for grumpy weatherman Phil, producer Rita was originally destined to get stuck in a time loop of her own. Either way, we’d love to see Gaga in the role.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn’s performance as the stylish and streetwise yet emotionally naive socialite Holly Golightly is perhaps the most iconic image of 20th century cinema. No wonder no-one has quite dared try to recreate Truman Capote’s charming love story since. Yet the nettle needs grasping, if only because watching Mickey Rooney in Yellowface as Golightly’s Japanese landlord Mr Yunioshi gets more unbearable every year. And if anyone has the chutzpah to out-Hepburn Hepburn, our money’s on Gaga.

Oscars: Best Actress odds

Lady Gaga 13/10
Glenn Close 11/5
Olivia Colman 4/1
Viola Davis 7/1
Melissa Mccarthy 7/1
Nicole Kidman 7/1
Saoirse Ronan 20/1
Toni Collette 20/1
Yalitza Aparicio 22/1
Kiki Layne 30/1
Carey Mulligan 33/1
Julia Roberts 35/1

Oscars: Best Actress odds

Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 13:58 . Odds are subject to change.
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