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Big Brother 2018: Hot favourites, outsiders and winner predictions revealed

Tuesday 25th September 2018

We’re in the second week of Big Brother and already the forecast is quite different from when the housemates entered the infamous doors.

Sian Hamshaw went in as the joint favourite (along with Cian Carrigan) at 9/2 following the public vote that gave her an initial advantage with the Big Brother currency, Big Coin.

However after fading into the background a bit thanks to the bigger personalities in the group, she’s now drifted to 12/1.

She has the potential of making a comeback, but this will probably depend on whether she gets involved in any drama, or lucks out on a task.

However as it stands, she’s more likely to get to the final purely because she’s not really doing very much.

Equally farmer Cian, from County Tipperary, Ireland started out with plenty of promise, but he’s slumped to 14/1, probably because his sweet, excitable character pales into the background when compared to the domineering drama from the Lewises.

Zoe Jones is perhaps a bit of a dark horse. She’s now 4/1 (from 7/1). Northern women have a good history of winning Big Brother—three of the last four winners have been female from northern towns: Isabelle Warburton (Warrington), Chloe Wilburn (Doncaster), and our own vlogger Helen Wood (Bolton). Now may be a good time to stick a punt on her before she shortens any more.

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Big Brother winner odds

Zoe Jones 3/1 7/2 7/2 3/1 11/4
Each Way Terms 3
- - - -
Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 13:23 . Odds are subject to change.

Akeem Griffith’s odds have shifted in his favour to 10/1 (from 14/1), but despite being the nicest housemate in there, could he fall foul of the famous saying ‘nice guys finish last’?

Tomasz Wania, now 4/1 (from 6/1) is a real contender for the final if not the win due to his harmless but funny nature. Ditto Cameron Cole, who has hung onto his 4/1 place. His self discovery, as written about by Luke Marsden in his column, has the potential to be the ‘reality TV story of the year’.

Lewis Flanagan has really turned the viewers on his side. Despite his self-admitted social “issues” and struggles with over-thinking situations, the 27-year-old has shorted to as little as 4/1 (from 25/1). He is a definite contender for the final as long as he doesn't rub the viewers up the wrong way.

The bookies were correct about those who went in as bottom of the table stragglers—Brooke Berry (22/1), Isaac Jagroop, Kenaley Amos-Sissions (both 33/1) and Kay Lovelle (18/1)—all of them have failed to impress so far, and are unlikely to really make much of an impact without some kind of prompt from Big Brother.

Big Brother winner odds
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