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Big Brother 2018: Which 5 housemates should make the final?

Monday 1st October 2018

Now that Lewis G has (thankfully) been evicted from this year’s final series of Big Brother on Channel 5, the show can go on as being a true reflection of all of the reality competition’s classic years, while bringing in an added layer of competition for those inside the house.

With such a plethora of incredible personalities, we’ve made some early impressions about those who are competing for the £100,000 prize.

Here’s who we think should make what could be the show’s last ever grand final…

5. Akeem Griffiths

Though he’s rubbing a couple of the housemates the wrong way since his rise to the top of the Big Coin leader board, Akeem (see video below) is still one of the most genuine and friendly housemates in this year’s Big Brother.

He’s willing to throw more of a share of Big Coin in for any task that requires coin donations from the contestants, even buying the house a party during an auction that also saw the sale of doughnuts, a date for two, and more. Wales will surely get behind Akeem and send him through to finals, right?

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4. Zoe Jones

Zoe’s story is one that has all the makings of a winner. She had to give up work to care full-time for her son, and has been very visibly emotional about the entire thing during her time in the house.

She’s real through and through (see video below), and is perhaps the closest contestant to one from the Channel 4 era that we have seen throughout Channel 5’s entire BBUK run.

3. Cian Carrigan

Cian is another fantastic throwback to Big Brother’s days on Channel 5. He reminds people of Brian Dowling, and it’s not just because of his accent and sexual identity. He’s a lot of fun, quick with his wit, and willing to get involved with any of the tasks thrown his way.

It’s going to be interesting to see where his little crush on Lewis F goes, however… Perhaps there’ll be a rivalry with Cameron, who says Lewis F is like a “big brother” to him? We know who we’d pick to survive out of that pair…

2. Lewis Flanagan

Lewis F has proven himself to have the patience and restraint of a saint, having to share the Big Brother house with a man who would consistently attempt to torment him at every opportunity. Fortunately, he held his tongue for the most part, and proved to be “the better Lewis” when he went up against his rival in the series’ second eviction.

Now he has the opportunity to really let his hair down and have fun, with people who enjoy his company, and housemates he can relax around. Now, the fun for Lewis F can really begin.

1. Kenaley Amos-Sissons

Kenaley, affectionately referred to as Kenny by her fellow housemates, proved herself to be one of the most real contestants that recent years of Big Brother has seen when she blew up at Lewis G (see video below). Standing up for the entire house ahead of his eviction from the game, Kenny set the record straight on how Lewis G expected different rules for him when compared to the show’s other competitors.

Everything she said was spot-on, and we have to give her praise for that.

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