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Big Brother finalists: 'We’re left with the dregs nobody wants to drink,' says Luke Marsden

Monday 29th October 2018
Intheloop Luke2

As we enter the final (ever?!) week of Big Brother, can we really look at the housemates who are left and say: “greatest bunch ever?”

Simply put, no. We’re basically just left with the dregs that nobody wants to drink. None of these will go down in BB history as iconic housemates. They will, by default, be vaguely remembered as the last ever bunch to sit in the famous converted bungalow for the final time—but legends they are not.

Lewis’ removal from the house couldn’t have come at a worse time. He was probably on the cusp of picking up the £100,000 but instead he’ll probably be picking up his CV to look for a job. Lewis was a divisive housemate who had a potty mouth, and in the end it was this that got him the boot.

As viewers of the show, people who have painstakingly stayed up until 11pm on a school night every night, we deserve the right to see exactly why he was removed. I’m sure far worse things have been said on Big Brother that we’ve seen or the housemates haven’t been removed for. Lewis is an intense guy so I’m sure he’ll spend the next decade or two stewing over what he said…

Big Brother top man odds

With Lewis and now Tomasz out of the picture the battle to crown the final ever winner of BB is on and I’d say it’s a two-horse race between Akeem and Cameron. Tomasz’ eviction on Friday night wasn’t a shock—he’d ran his course and fanned the flames too much. The public had enough of the ‘daddy’ comments and the mountain of sexual frustration that we had to climb every episode with Tomasz. I’m sure he’s relieved to be out just as much as we are.

Akeem has been the most consistent housemate, keeping a cool head when many others haven’t—but is that enough to bag the prize? Cameron has certainly gone on the biggest (brace yourself) ‘journey’ during his time in the house, but it’s been bumpier than Frodo returning the one ring.

Let’s not completely rule out the last remaining ladies, Sian has spoken an entire paragraph in two months so that clearly warrants her a place in the last ever final. Zoe has been a wrecking ball in there, unrelenting in her opinions and her moods, if she can keep her cool and take that woolly hat off she may have a chance. Brooke has been a semi-interesting housemate, she hasn’t proactively done that much but has remained consistent with it, she’ll probably come fifth.

Let’s attempt to savour this last week of tasks and traumas as who knows when or if Big Brother will return. In a week’s time when we’re sat watching Netflix shedding a tear that we don’t have to force ourselves to stay awake until 11pm to watch a bunch of people in a house, a part of us will miss that feeling right?

Big Brother winner odds

Cameron Cole 8/13 1/2 2/5 1/2 4/9
Cian Carrigan 11/4 3/1 10/3 3/1 11/4
Akeem Griffiths 9/2 8/1 10/1 8/1 8/1
Zoe Jones 14/1 16/1 12/1 16/1 12/1
Each Way Terms - 3
- 3

Big Brother winner odds

Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 14:54 . Odds are subject to change.
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