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Bumps, triumphs and goodbyes: Liam Halewood's Dancing on Ice verdict

Monday 5th February 2018

Hello again everyone.

Welcome to my vlog, once again, written in the glorious Caribbean. I am back on Wednesday though so back to earth with a bump!

Talking of bumps, I bet Alex the weatherman has a bump on his derriere after taking a tumble. What a shame as well because it was quite a good routine and I'm sure his marks would have been better than the 21.5 he was given if he had not have fallen (see video below). I bet Brianne had a lot to say because she is quite the taskmaster. Better luck next week, Alex!

I don't know about all you out there but, when watching Max and Ale, I get quite nervous for her. After him dropping her last week and the wobbly performance the week before, I would have thought an easier routine would have been in order!  But no!  It was a good performance, though a little fast with some shaky moments.  There were more dance moves and this was reflected in the score of 26.0 which was their highest score of the series.  

Now on to Jake and Vanessa. What a triumph! Absolutely the performance of the series up to now. Jake, you have taken the competition to another level. After getting the same score for the last two weeks, the judges' remarks must have spurred him in on. The routine was excellent. It was beautiful to watch and Jake and Vanessa were head and shoulders above the rest of the competitors. They are really going to have to step up if they want to compete with Jake – 33.5! The highest marks of the series so far and well earned.

Donna and Mark were next and although they improved (they got their highest mark of the series), it still didn't set the world on fire. Dancing to Let's Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez, this routine should have had a lot more sass about it. Latin music demands a more lively, vibrant atmosphere. Instead, we got quite a reserved performance. I just can't put my finger on it but come on Donna, let yourself go! Give us some gay, wild abandon for goodness sake.

Oh Lamar, at last! You were not in the dance-off for the first time. I don't know why though. Yes, you got your highest score but, you are still very shaky and wobbly and stiff. Loosen up, will you – Melody must feel like she's dancing with a post.

Next up, Cheryl and Dan. What can I say except "bye". Quite rightly, Cheryl was sent home this week. She was in the dance-off with Donna and there was no doubt that Cheryl would go. She just wouldn't let go of Dan. In fact, I bet she still has hold of him. Dan is a great ice dancer and I wish they would give him a partner who has some chance of winning.

Antony and Alex were up next. Not a lot to say really – Antony had cracked two of his ribs in training during the week and could obviously not dance to his full potential. Hopefully he will heal quickly and dance well next week otherwise he could find himself in the dance-off. They need to prepare a much better dance routine though because this week's was awful – even taking into account the cracked ribs.

Kem and Alex, slow down! This performance was fast and frenetic. Kem absolutely went for it, but the downside of this is that the dancing looks ungainly and out of time with the music in parts. That said, the lifts were good and his dancing is improving so he received his best marks so far of 29.5. Keep it up, Kem – you'll have to if you want to keep up with Jake.

Brooke and Matej, in my opinion, should be in the dance-off next week. I don't know about you but I don't feel any charisma between these two at all. Matej appears very impatient with Brooke and she is just not good enough at this stage of the competition. Even though she got her highest points of the series, they were still low and she does not seem to be improving quickly enough.

Well, that's it for this week folks. I'll be back in the freezing cold UK for next weeks episode of Dancing on Ice (boo hoo!)

Speak to you all then, bye for now.

Love n' hugs,

Liam xx

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