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Could the 'Boris Bridge' lead to a back track on Brexit?

Friday 19th January 2018

Boris Johnson has called for a bridge to be built to link Britain with France.

While this is a refreshing change to the Donald Trump mindset of building a wall and keeping everyone out, BoJo’s comments may have upset some Brexit voters.

The foreign secretary’s suggestion for the cross-Channel link could lead to a Brexit U-turn, according to bookmakers.

As a result of the proposed ‘Boris Bridge’, Paddy Power now make it just 4/1 that Britain applies to re-join the EU within the next decade, as Westminster continues to flutter its eyelashes as France.

The bookmaker offers odds of 50/1 that work begins on the Channel bridge before 2020, and 1/2 that construction starts before Donald Trump’s wall.

Boris Johnson, meanwhile, is in to 6/1 to be the next Conservative leader, after his thinly-veiled power play.

A spokesman for Paddy Power said: “It looks like it’s Bo-Jo-go for the blossoming romance between Britain and France – just as the Brexit wheels finally appear to have started turning.

“Theresa May, no doubt, will be frustrated that amid all her own flirtations, it’s Boris Johnson’s overtures that have again made the biggest headlines. It’s almost as if he wants your job, Theresa.”

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