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Helen Wood boycotts Big Brother following controversial Lewis exit

Wednesday 31st October 2018
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Helen Wood’s had enough of Big Brother and says the show’s dug its own grave after not showing why Lewis was kicked out.

The controversial former winner—who is quick to point out that nothing she said was edited out when she appeared on the show—says the public need to know the context of what Lewis said.

Lewis—the hot favourite to win—was booted out of the house last week following an ‘inappropriate’ comment believed to have been in relation to Auschwitz.

Lewis, 27, said that he was "devastated" but "not ashamed" of his comments, insisting it was a "slip of the tongue".

Helen says in part one of her final Big Brother vlog: “So Lewis got thrown out for apparently sating ‘Auschwitz’ instead of ‘outfits’. I’m not sure how true this is.

“As much as he was annoying, he did bring something to the house, and God knows it needed it.

“I don’t buy the whole he said it by mistake, but then again I don’t know what context he’s said it in either.

“It’s a bit of a tender topic understandably, so if he has said it… I don’t understand why Channel 5 haven’t show it, because they showed everything I said. So why have they not shown us?”

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Fans have even threatened to stop watching the show after Channel 5 refused to air the full clip of Lewis’ exit.

Helen continues: “The whole point of these programmes is, it’s reality TV, so we get to see what everyone’s really like.

“But we never do anymore because we’ve got too many people ringing up moaning.

“This is why this programme has come to an end, and this is why so many reality programmes are going to come to an end.

“It’s because of people ringing moaning to Ofcom because they choose to watch a programme and then whine about it. Turn it off.”

Speaking about her favourite to win, Helen still backs Cian, who is currently 16/1 to win.

She said: “This has been one of the worst series ever.

“He’s the only consistent housemate and the only one that deserves to win. The rest of them, I think they’ve coasted through the whole lot.”

Part two of Helen's final Big Brother vlog will be published tomorrow (Thursday).

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Cian Carrigan 11/4 3/1 10/3 3/1 11/4
Akeem Griffiths 9/2 8/1 10/1 8/1 8/1
Zoe Jones 14/1 16/1 12/1 16/1 12/1
Each Way Terms - 3
- 3

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