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Helen Wood fears ‘old school’ Harry Redknapp could 'p*ss off the easily offended’

Friday 23rd November 2018

Helen Wood has been very vocal about her love for Harry Redknapp.

But she fears the 71-year-old could end up being the victim of his own success if he ends up ‘p*issing off the easily offended’ during his time on I’m a Celebrity.

The Big Brother winner fears the generation gap could take his words out of context were he to talk about a sensitive subject.

She says: “Harry has to be my favourite contestant that the show has ever had.

“He could act the billy big bollocks because of his status, but he isn’t doing. He’s just such a normal guy.

“He’s funny, he’s a proper bloke—which really scares me actually.

“I really hope to god he doesn’t say something, because he’s old school, that’s going to rub up the massive chunk of the population that are easily offended.

“Because he’d basically get thrown out wouldn’t he?

“I do hope that won’t happen but I can also see it happening. I can see him saying something that is going to piss so many people off, and then he’d be removed.

“But fingers crossed he doesn’t and he stays in the position that he’s in—and that’s being loved by everyone.”

Harry melted the hearts of viewers on Thursday night when he talked about his love for his wife.

Helen said: “How he spoke about his wife… It was all so real. He wasn’t soppy or cheesy or putting it on. He was literally speaking from the heart, but wasn’t doing it for likes. You can clearly see he’s missing her.

“It wasn’t for show, and that’s a breath of fresh air when it comes to reality TV.”

Watch her vlog below…

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