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'His skating is awful!' Which Dancing on Ice celebrity is Liam Halewood talking about?

Monday 12th February 2018

Well hello all you fabulous people who just love a bit of reality!

I am back from my Caribbean cruise and ready to cool myself down with my weekly opinions from your fave cold programme, Dancing On Ice.

Well, firstly (apart from the fabulous skating), I have to thank Max Evans's wardrobe stylist this week. I'm not usually into muscles, but there was was something about Max's outfit that I just loved watching. I don't often agree with Jason [Gardiner], but he was right this week about thanking the wardrobe staff. And Ale, you are really pushing Max and I love what you two are creating. (I promise I am talking about the skating here, nothing else!)

Another mention about Kem. He's looking great and skating great, but I wish he would push himself that little bit more. He has it in him and I just want him to take the competition a little more seriously instead of just another reality show he is a part of. So come on Kem, time to up the ante. If you don't, you will be left behind by Jake and Max.

I have to say I am getting a little bit sick of the two competitors from Coronation Street. Yes, Antony and Brooke. They both seem to have the attitude but never produce when they are on the ice. Antony is just as rude as Jason is on the panel. I have no idea why because his skating is awful. And Brooke – come on girl, enjoy the experience. Both your poor partners must be sarcastically thanking ITV for being paired with these two divas. They both need to go now.

Obviously I loved Jake and his partner Vanessa. They were fabulous and definitely are going to take some beating. They really are in a league if their own. And also, a little mention to Alex and Brianne (see video above). They really came back this week and are definitely earning their place in the competition.

Now to the skate-off. I absolutely thought Antony and Brooke should have been in the skate-off this week but, it wasn’t to be. Donna and Lemar found themselves there and of course it was inevitable that Lemar would go this week out of those two. But, if there really was any justice in the world, (excuse the pun), One of the Corrie duo should have gone instead. Oh well, there's always next week.

Anyway. I hope you have enjoyed my opinions this week and I’ll be back the same time, same place next week.

Hugs and love,

Liam x

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