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I’m a Celebrity’s most amusing Bushtucker trials

Thursday 6th December 2018
Paul Burrell Hell Holes

As this year's I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! nears an end. It’s looking like Harry Redknapp is going to walk away as the King of the Jungle.

But former X Factor contestant Fleur East, as well as Inbetweeners star Emily Atack are both hot on his tail.

Whoever wins, this series will surely go down as one of the most pleasant to watch of all time.

Despite the camp getting on 99 per cent of the time however, taskmasters put their heads together to come up with some excruciating trials. We take a look at one of them in particular, as well as some of the other most memorable Bushtucker Trials of all time…

1. Fleur East’s Gore Seasons Pizza

This had to be one of the toughest and most physical trials we’ve seen in I’m a Celeb history. Not only was Fleur covered in half a ton of rotten food, but she was told she must beat up what looked to be five incredibly sturdy piñatas to win meals for camp.

Fortunately, she’s one of the strongest members of her camp, and managed to go back with a full house. She even resorted to eating some of the rotten food that was thrown on top of her.

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2. Paul Burrell's Hell Holes

The world couldn’t stop laughing when former butler to Princess Diana, Paul Burrell was told he must put his hand in dark holes and bring out stars in order to win food for himself and his fellow campmates.

With no idea what was on the other end, the look of realisation and shock on his face when he stroked a rat or nudged a spider was something that had everybody in stitches.

Ant and Dec even revealed in the past that one of the crew who was using a hand-held camera had to pass it to his assistant because he was laughing so much.

3. The eating trials

Whether it’s George Takei talking about how rubbery a kangaroo’s penis is, or Harry Redknapp downing some blended animal genitals, the eating (and now drinking) trials have become a staple of I’m A Celebrity.

They make many of us watching at home gag, but at least we’re not in the jungle having to force grubs and spiders down our throat all in the hope of a proper meal.

4. Dean Gaffney's Jungle Spa

When Dean Gaffney joined the jungle as a late arrival, he wouldn’t only have to fight harder than everybody else to form bonds with his campmates, but he would immediately be tested in a live Bushtucker Trial.

His stamping of his feet, swearing, and even vomiting in a bush caused Dec to laugh so much, that Ant had to do the majority of links to-camera throughout.

It was pure TV gold and one we'll keep going back to watch again if we're in need of a good belly laugh.

5. Celebrity Cyclone

Over the years, the final four celebrities in each series of I’m a Celeb have competed in what looks to be the most fun Bushtucker Trial on offer.

Blasted with jets of water, wind, and told they must pretty much stick themselves to the ground on top of a giant star, famous faces have been pelted in the face and slung down what has to be one of the most iconic slides Australia has ever seen.

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