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‘Leave him alone!’ Helen Wood backs Iain Lee amid I’m a Celebrity bullying claims

Tuesday 5th December 2017
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Helen Wood is not happy with the treatment Iain Lee is receiving from his I’m a Celebrity campmates.

The former Big Brother winner has criticised Jamie Lomas, Dennis Wise and Amir Khan for not making him feel more welcome since his late arrival in the jungle.

Helen, who met the radio presenter on a chat show last year, says Iain is "a really sweet guy" and shouldn’t be ostracised because he’s not ‘macho’.

In her latest Who’ll Win vlog (below), the 30-year-old says Iain "just wants to be liked".

“I feel really sorry for Iain,” she says. "Just because he doesn’t fit this big macho criteria that Jamie and co have got, that he’s made to feel different. Well different’s ok.

“I did a talk show with Iain just over a year ago. He’s actually a really, really nice friendly guy he’s dead dead sweet.

"I get why people find probably him quite irritating, but he’s not doing it on purpose, he’s a really friendly person and I think he’s actually quite sensitive as well. So when people are being arseholes with him they should probably bear that in mind.”

Iain took most the blame for the now-infamous 'strawberry-gate' with Amir Khan – despite it being the boxer’s idea to eat the fruity treat after their Dingo Dollar success – and has also come under fire from Jamie who accused him of "playing a game".

Helen said: "He’s a very strong character, but I think underneath all that he does actually want to be liked and he doesn’t mean any harm.

"So just because he doesn’t fit in or come across as some bad boy doesn’t mean he should be made to feel like he’s out of the group. He is a nice guy."

In the video, Helen also speaks of her surprise at Rebekah’s departure, her change of feelings towards Amir, and reveals who she think will win the series.

“Toff,” she says. "I was really unsure about her. I thought, is she putting on this Bridget Jones act, is it genuine, is she putting it on? Is she like this all the time, is she this sweet?

“I actually think she is. And I think she deserves to win just because of how much effort she puts in. She gives it her all in every single task, and she’s been consistent and I think that’s what everyone looks for when you’re watching reality TV."

I’m a Celebrity continues tonight from 9pm on ITV.

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