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Liam Halewood talks skating winners and losers ahead of Dancing on Ice semi-final

Monday 26th February 2018

Hello my little Dancing on Ice fans! Liam here again talking about your fave dancing programme at the moment.

So. I have to mention first, isn’t Holly Willoughby already married? The dress was fabulous, but a bit OTT me thinks this week. Still love you though Holly (it was probably a stylist's choice anyway).

Okay. Let's move on to the skating and, once again, I was impressed.

Brooke is really giving it some welly and she best had because she's the only girl left now. The technical side will always fail Brooke because, let’s face it, she isn’t the best at that bit. Having said that, her performance skills are getting better and it’s really helping sell her routines now.

Max, I have to say, you are such a trouper. Getting out there after only two days' training with new partner Brandee, your routine was fabulous in my eyes. One thing I will say though, you were meant to be a wolf but you looked scared of yourself throughout the routine. There’s no denying you can produce the goods but, I think, unfortunately, next week will be your last.

On to Kem. It was so nice to see him really connect with his partner this week. Most weeks he just plays the class clown, but this week it looked like he really worked on his posture and held his own (ahem, in gentlemanly way, of course). I really liked this Kem and hope he keeps up the hard work because it paid off.

Jake, as always, is my winner and always has been from the start. He is in a class of his own. You can just see the commitment, wanting to better himself every week. You are obviously going to win this competition hands down. I’ll eat your Lycra suit if you don’t! (Sounds kinky I know, but I know I won’t have to because he will win).

Well, it never rains but it pours. And that saying really means something this week as Alex, (the weatherman), has gone. He and Brianne really did well to stay there as long as they did, but they didn’t put in a strong performance and, to me, have been skating on thin ice for a while.

I have to mention how handsome Ashley Banjo is too. Never really saw it before, but looking at him now I'm thinking why did I not watch that strip he put together for charity? I’ll be finding that on catch up me thinks...

Lastly, as the series is over in two weeks, I hope we see Jayne and Chris on the ice in the final. Plus, next series, I hope they get some better professional skaters. I just haven’t enjoyed what most of them have produced for their partners and agree with the judges that the choreography hasn’t been the best this series. Anyway, that's it for this week.

Hugs and luvs,

Liam x

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