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Lisa Appleton opens up about cannabis: 'Three puffs sent me to another planet'

Friday 2nd November 2018

Lisa Appleton’s in Toronto, Canada—and something smells a bit funky.

The reality TV star is talking about cannabis, which is now legal in the country.

She opens up about the one time she smoked it, and why she's scared of it becoming legal in the UK.

Lisa is shocked at how widespread it already is—and she’s not sure that legalising it will be a good idea in the long term.

Lisa says in her latest Reality Bite blog (below): “I know I lark about a lot in my videos, but this is a topic I feel passionate about.

“Cannabis is now legal in Canada. I know that in moderation it can benefit people with issues such as pain management, and that’s fine. But it can also make you paranoid and overtake your life.”

Speaking of her own experience, she admits the one time she smoked it, it scared her.

“I had cannabis once in Amsterdam,” she said. “I had about two or three drags and I was on another planet laughing.

“It was just so strong it frightened me because I thought, if that’s what three drags does, what would six or nine drags do?”

Lisa, who is visiting her daughter Sophia Marie, says you can’t escape the smell of it, and it’s causing divisions in the community.

She said: “I’m walking round the corner, going in a lift, in a shop, you get a waft of it.

“There’s a divide going on here—some people are against it and some are for it. 

“Some people just don’t want that smell or don’t want to be subject to any problem that could arise from someone who’s taken it.”

Despite this she endorses the use of CBD oil—cannabis without the active ingredient THC—for relaxation or pain relief.

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