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Lisa Appleton singing Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas is as hilarious as you'd expect

Monday 26th February 2018
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You can’t deny that Lisa Appleton singing is a sight to behold.

We’ve hear her belt out her best Adele impression when she sang Hello – and now you can witness her best Pocahontas impression.

Dressed in her best Native American style clothing, the reality TV star belts out the Disney classic Colours of the Wind for her latest Reality Bite vlog (below).

“I’d make a good Pocahontas wouldn’t I?” says Lisa after her performance.

“I’m actually going to be talking about ITV’s latest show Survival of the Fittest. Man versus woman.

“Men have their strong points and women have their strong points. Men have their weaknesses and women have their weaknesses.

“What’s interesting here is men are egotistical and determined to be the hunter, where as women are very emotionally strong and determined too.

“It’s going to be very interesting.”

Survival of the Fittest is the latest ITV2 show dubbed 'winter Love Island'.

The series pits a team of boys and girls against each other in a bid to see whether they choose mates or dates while taking part in gruelling challenges.

Hosted by Laura Whitmore, the series is the ultimate battle of the sexes.

Survival of the Fittest continues tonight from 9pm on ITV2.

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