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Lottie James 'definitely' wants to see Warren again after exiting Survival of the Fittest

Tuesday 20th February 2018

Lottie James says she “definitely” wants to see Warren Phillips again despite him putting her in the firing line on Survival of the Fittest.

The Welsh farmer was sensationally booted from the lodge after losing the head-to-head challenge against Georgia Cole.

The pair were elected by the boys to take part in the survival challenge after being branded “snaky” for their behaviour towards Warren and David Lundy.

But before the challenge kicked off Lottie and Warren made up, leading to the driller to break down in tears after her departure.

Speaking of Warren building her confidence during her time on the show, Lottie said: “I’ll never forget the way Warren treated me, I feel like we had such a good bond and an amazing friendship. He really bought me out of my shell and I’ll never forget that moment.

“I definitely want to see Warren when I leave. I just think he is a great guy and has an amazing heart and we have a lot in common. We’re definitely going to go for a coffee when he returns from the show.”

Georgia was blasted for using David to stay in the lodge, and Lottie believes the. business development manager needs to be more sensitive to other people’s emotions to help keep the girls team together.

“I think if the girls are going to get on, they need to be strong no matter if they win or lose,” said Lottie. “I feel like hopefully this experience has taught Georgia to use her heart a little bit more rather than her head.

“She needs to have a bit more emotion and care about other people’s feelings before her own. If that happens, and the new replacement is like Sam, then they are sorted and will be great.”

The show’s first head-to-head challenge, called time travellers, saw Lottie and Georgia walk on beams high above a waterhole in a bid to turn sand timers round before they ran out.

Tonight, new girl Sydney Devereaux will enter the lodge following Lottie’s departure.

Survival of the Fittest continues tonight on ITV2 from 9pm.

Survival of the Fittest top woman odds

Metisse Campbell 15/8
Jenny West 5/2
Mariam Musa 4/1
Sam Dewhurst 5/1
Hayley Madigan 5/1

Survival of the Fittest top woman odds

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