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Luke Marsden calls for 'more cut throat evictions and basic budgets' ahead of Big Brother final

Monday 22nd October 2018
Intheloop Luke2

Ding dong, The King is dead (well in terms of his TV career). Hussain’s reign is over and his exit was smoother than the UK’s will be from the EU.

The look of disappointment on his face was priceless—he strutted into the house like the cat that got the cream, leaving after a cat fight with Zoe. Hussain’s problem was he saw everything as tribal, us versus them, when in actual fact if he’d continued to play the game well he could’ve been a finalist

Instead he’ll be back to Birmingham having had an autumn of #bantz.

In her argument with Hussain, Zoe once again proved she isn’t afraid to back down and display some blind loyalty (see video below). As Lewis literally sat back and watched the chaos unfold around him, tornado Zoe gave Hussain a verbal lashing. I dread to think what Zoe is like after a lock in at her local pub but I’m guessing we’ve seen a preview.

Has it hurt her chances of winning? Probably not. She apologised the next day and agreed she should stay out of other people’s issues, but that’s easier said than done when you’re living on top of each other for eight weeks.

If Zoe can keep her cool she’ll make it to the final then she can explode all she wants when she’s bagged herself the £100,000 (see below for winner odds).

Big Brother top woman odds

Every time Sian appears on screen I find myself tweeting the same thing, “isn’t she stunning/beautiful”. But that seems to be all I tweet about her. I’ve never felt as indifferent about a housemate in years. I’m almost willing her to develop some sort of personality. Perhaps by next summer the penny would’ve dropped for her when she’s back in Barnsley and realises nobody is filming her.

Tomasz’ arrogance is shining through the closer the final gets. He acts like a finalist but no longer has the Big Coins to back it up. If he can keep his mouth shut for long enough he may glide through to the final night but he won’t be walking out with a crown on his head.

Poor Isabella. Her hopes and dreams of being the next Chanelle Hayes have been dashed by Cameron. His decision to save Akeem over her was the right one—at least Akeem is playing the game (albeit badly!)

Isabella didn’t even know the game had begun. I’m sure she’ll do well in local panto. Cameron has said he can never forgive himself for evicting Isabella but if he can get over this he can use this energy and focus on removing the others. He is the biggest game player in there, and whether he wants to admit it or not, he is playing a better game than his mate Lewis.

Big Brother needs to ramp up the pace as it isn’t acting like it’s going out with a bang at the moment (more of a squeak). More cut throat evictions, more public power and more basic budgets that’s what we need in the final few weeks.

Big Brother winner odds

Cameron Cole 8/13 1/2 2/5 1/2 4/9
Cian Carrigan 11/4 3/1 10/3 3/1 11/4
Akeem Griffiths 9/2 8/1 10/1 8/1 8/1
Zoe Jones 14/1 16/1 12/1 16/1 12/1
Each Way Terms - 3
- 3

Big Brother winner odds

Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 14:54 . Odds are subject to change.
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