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Major plot holes in Game of Thrones series 7 that still don't add up

Friday 6th October 2017

While Game of Thrones series seven was, in general, pretty damn awesome, there are a few holes in the storyline that we just can’t get away from.

Here’s a look back at some inconsistencies in the series, which have left many fans scratching their heads in confusion.

Timing beyond The Wall

Jon Snow and the gang are surrounded
Jon Snow and the gang are surrounded

When the White Walkers and the Army of the Dead had Westeros’ version of Suicide Squad surrounded on their mission to retrieve an undead soldier, Gendry managed to escape and run back to Eastwatch (the Nights Watch castle on The Wall now manned by Tormund Giantsbane and some of his Wildling army).

However, he managed to do this leaving enough time for a raven to be sent to Daenerys down at Dragonstone and for her to fly all the way north of The Wall to meet the stranded warriors in the time it took for the ice to freeze over enough to walk on.

Some have tried to put a timeline on this, with one Redditor going into great detail suggesting it would be a four-day travel time needed for Daenerys to get the message then fly up – if this was the case, the Army of the Dead would have already charged in on Jon Snow et al.

Looking at how cold it is north of The Wall, given the people living there and the rangers who patrol it have to wear big thick heavy furs then it's only logical that it’s probably a similar temperature to somewhere like Greenland or Alaska, if not colder, so the likelihood is, the lake would have iced up long before Daenerys and her dragons even set off on the rescue mission.

Bronn’s absence during the viewing of the wight

Bronn with Jaime Lannister
Bronn with Jaime Lannister

When Jon and co travelled to Kings Landing with the undead wight in the crate to show Cersei and Jaime, we saw Bronn, Podric and Tyrion having a bit of a light-hearted catch up, given the circumstances.

Bronn is the second in command of the entire Lannister army (Which at this point is the Royal Army and The Official Westeros Army). You would assume that he was needed at a meeting that was going to be the turning point for the future of their entire world. Euron Greyjoy attended and as far as Cersei is concerned he is just a mad man with a lot of ships and a bit of a crush on her. 

Bronn said to Podrick: “Come on Pod, let’s you and me go have a drink while the fancy folks talk.”

There is an actual reason for this. According to reports, the actor who plays Bronn, Jerome Flynn, and Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) had a rough end to their relationship and in their contracts, refused to be on set at the same time, so the entire season has to be written without them ever being in the same room.

The secret White Walker blacksmith north of The Wall


When Viserion was raised from the depths of the icy lake by the Night King, he was pulled by a pair of huge long chains, Where did these come from? The average wight doesn’t possess the ability to open a door, let alone smith a couple of large chains using nothing but snow and rocks.

The other inconsistency here is, who attached the chains to the dragon? We can see from several instances that the Army of the Dead doesn’t do well with water. They don’t just swim around The Wall and they are stopped by the melted ice around the group who travelled north to capture one.

Jorah Mormont’s miracle cure

Samwell Tarly helps cure Jorah Mormont
Samwell Tarly helps cure Jorah Mormont
Who will rule Westeros odds

When Sam treated Jorah Mormont’s condition, He did so by removing affected skin in huge chunks and treating the area underneath with a medicated ointment. Jorah had a lot of greyscale on him and should have been immobile for a really long time after the procedure.

Yet after just having half of his hardened skin peeled off to the muscle within a couple of weeks he is back by Daenerys’ side and off on an adventure north of The Wall to recover a wight to take down to Kings Landing.

Magic ships?

Euron Greyjoy kidnaps Yara
Euron Greyjoy kidnaps Yara

When Euron Greyjoy murdered his brother, and swore to kill his nephew and niece, Theon and Yara, they fled with most of the Greyjoy fleet to Meereen.

Looking at how many ships they took it must have taken quite a lot of men from the Iron Islands and pike to sail these ships.

Yet in the space of time it took for the Greyjoy siblings to sail to Meereen, Euron had built 1,000 ships, with lower numbers of men, from islands which appear to have barely any wood on them, and sail them to the red keep to offer to the queen. 

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