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Missing Louis Walsh — his best moments from The X Factor

Friday 5th October 2018

The new X Factor judges' panel may have done well with many viewers, but we can’t help but miss all of the fun and games that the panel’s longest-serving member Louis Walsh would bring to proceedings in each year prior to this series.

To mark his time on the show having come to an end, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of his best moments from the singing competition.

5. When he threw water over a contestant

Louis’ sixth sense served him well back in the show’s earliest days, when he predicted one contestant—who he had given a severe grilling to—was coming back into the room to toss Sharon Osbourne’s water over him.

He turned out to be right, as she had told the female judge outside of the audition room that this was her aim, but Louis managed to pick up his own drink and drench the wannabe in H2O before she was given the opportunity.

She did splash him back a little, but he certainly got the upper hand here, leaving his boss Simon Cowell completely speechless. First time for everything!

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4. When his quick wit fell flat

Cheryl and Simon didn’t see the funny side when Louis cracked a joke about his fellow judges being divas, despite the quick wit actually being quite impressive for the ditzy former Girls Aloud mentor.

His frosty relationship with Cheryl is something that has been well-documented ever since his split from the band, and so that’s probably why she refused to bite, but at least Dannii Minogue gave him a sympathetic chuckle! Ah Louis; you can’t help but love him.

3. That face he pulled on Thorpe Park’s log flume

Last year saw an X Factor first, when Louis joined Simon, Nicole Scherzinger and host Dermot O'Leary at Thorpe Park Resort not only for auditions, but for a ride on the log flume.

Louis clearly isn't a fan of theme parks, and the fear on his face as he goes flying down the chute is absolutely hilarious. It’s one we could watch over and over again.

2. When his voice went all high-pitched

Louis would often let the excitement of live shows get to him, and that was no more apparent than in this instance, when Dermot asked him to introduce his act.

Check out the video below, and wait for that perfect moment where his voice goes all high-pitched.

1. That winning moment with Shayne Ward

Louis’ finest moment on The X Factor of course came when his contestant, Shayne Ward, took home the top prize. With a brilliant talent, and a mentor who has been questioned about his validity plenty of times in the past, both Shayne and Louis shut up the haters with this beautiful moment.

Shayne is without a doubt one of the most momentous winners the show has ever seen, and anybody denying Louis had a role in that has clearly been watching with their blinkers on.

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Brendan Murray 7/2 7/2
Anthony Russell 7/1 7/1
Ricky John 8/1 8/1
Georgia Burgess 9/1 10/1
Bella Penfold 9/1 10/1
Dalton Harris 12/1 12/1
Misunderstood 12/1 12/1
Molly Scott 12/1 12/1
J Sol 16/1 25/1
Olatunji Yearwood 20/1 25/1
Panda Ross & Burgundy 20/1 50/1
Scarlett Lee 20/1 25/1
Aaliyaha + Acacia 20/1 20/1
Danny Tetley 20/1 20/1
Armstrong Martins 25/1 33/1
Janice Robinson 25/1 33/1
Maria Laroco 25/1 33/1
Thomas Pound 33/1 33/1
LMA Choir 33/1 66/1
Louise Settara 40/1 33/1
Giovanni Spano 50/1 66/1
Tommy Ludford 100/1 -
Chloe Mccallister 100/1 -
Gaia Cauchi 100/1 -
Jon Guelas 125/1 -
Dee Lush 125/1 -
Blaise Duncan 125/1 -
Nathan Grisdale 125/1 -
Sephy Francisco 125/1 -
Elliot Horne 125/1 -
Natasha Boon 125/1 -
Atty 125/1 -
Owen Mathews 175/1 -
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Athena Manoukian 275/1 -
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