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Opinion: Why new favourite Lewis F is an important Big Brother housemate

Wednesday 26th September 2018

This year, Big Brother has gone back to basics. Creative Director Paul Osborne’s return to the show has truly seen it transform into something we never thought we’d see on Channel 5. That makes it even harder to swallow that this could potentially be the last ever series of British Big Brother we’ll ever see.

Still, that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying the new series and the bunch of characters and personalities that have been thrown together. One of the most interesting is Lewis Flanagan—a 27-year-old bartender from Stockton-On-Tees, who seems to be annoyed at absolutely everything and everyone around him.

Instead of casting him aside as a ‘grumpy old man before his time’ however, we have to look at exactly what may be causing him to be so delicate inside the house.

He’s a good looking guy, but he’s not the stereotypical ‘lad’ we’ve seen in earlier years, who simply wants to sleep with every woman in the house.

Flinging himself into an unfamiliar situation is a huge test. That’s something he admitted on his video tape before entering the house, and something he’s repeated now he’s inside it. 

Now, I’m no doctor and I have no degree in mental health, but I am somebody who is very eager to break the stigma of talking about it, both in my own life with friends and family, and in the bigger picture.

Big Brother winner odds

Lewis F seems to be somebody who deals with a lot of personal anxieties, especially when it comes to social situations. He has no qualms about being himself and giving an opinion when he’s asked for it, but in some instances it’s been hard to watch Lewis G goad him, in an attempt to get an abrasive and abrupt reaction.

We’ve seen Lewis F crack on a number of occasions, but he’s usually smart enough to take himself to the Diary Room and have a moment to calm down. Seeing somebody like this on mainstream television is incredibly important for others like him who may be dealing with their own personal issues, when it comes to their mental health.

I for one think it is fantastic to see somebody on screen who I can relate to on a such a deep level, in so many different ways. He’s even finding it hard not to discuss nominations, because of wanting to speak so openly to his fellow housemates about what’s troubling him.

He’s clearly somebody who’s fine with discussing his problems, and so I hope he spends enough time in the house to really hammer the message home to viewers: it’s ok to talk about your mental health—in fact, it’s incredibly empowering.


Coupling all of that with his brilliant friendship with Cameron—who should be a little more grateful for having such a close companion in that house—and you’ve got all the makings of a “beautiful human being”, as Lewis F would say. Cameron’s told Lewis he’s never had a “big brother”, but if he did, he imagines that this would be exactly how it feels. Warms the heart!

If Lewis F’s latest odds to win are anything to go by, he should be in for an interesting summer!

He was 25/1 when he entered the house, but as of today he's one of the favourites, along with Tomasz Wania, at 4/1.

Big Brother continues Sunday-Friday on Channel 5.

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