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The boys plot to play dirty ahead of Survival of the Fittest final

Thursday 1st March 2018

It’s the penultimate day in the Survival of the Fittest lodge and stress levels are about to reach boiling point.

Tonight another boy and girl will get the boot ahead of tomorrow’s final where the winner gets the change of bagging £50,000.

And it looks like the boys are about to play dirty in the show’s final 24 hours in a bid to claim the prize money.

They decide to try and break up the girls’ team to encourage them to argue and perform badly.

Tristan Jones explains: “They perform worst when they’re arguing so it’s only right that we do the one thing that makes them perform bad and that’s argue… I’m going to go round stirring.”

“Obviously we can’t win fairly so we’re going to have to cheat and by cheating, we’re going to have to mess them up.”

Callum Pardoe says: “Girls, it’s time for psychological warfare. Be ready because we are going to mess you up.”

Following Tristan, Warren Phillips, Mettisse Campbell and Jenny West’s automatic vote to the final by their teams, they are delighted.

But following the vote Sam Dewhurst and David Lundy are still seething at not being nominated by any of their teammates, and both risk being kicked out tonight, along with Mariam Musa, Hayley Madigan, James Middleton and Callum.

David tells Hayley: “I still feel massively let down in all honesty, I don’t care about the money, it’s the principal for me and the fact that no one had my back is the bit that annoys me or upsets me… I am pretty sure I’m gone.”

Later in the tree house, he admits: “I’m preparing for the worst. I feel like I am going to be going tonight so slowly getting my bits together, trying to enjoy what could be my last day. Obviously there is still a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth about the whole situation.” 

Noticing he’s not exactly in the best spirits, the boys devise a plan to cheer him up – by putting together a rap to perform in front of the group.

It completely works – David almost breaks down with emotion, telling the tree house later: “They started spitting their own little couple of sentences, a few bars, a few lyrics… I don’t know whether to laugh or cry so I’m just going to do both… I’ve grown to really care for these boys and the girls.

“They are like my family in here. I’m a family man, I’ve got tattoos all of my family on me. Maybe I’ll get all these tattooed on me next why not? I do love them all I really do.”


Survival of the Fittest continues tonight from 9pm on ITV2.

Survival of the Fittest top boy odds

Callum Pardoe 5/2
Tristan Jones 10/3
Warren Phillips 4/1
David Lundy 4/1
James Middleton 11/2

Survival of the Fittest top boy odds

Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 15:21 . Odds are subject to change.
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