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‘The Circle was better than therapy’: Freddie Bentley on life after the Channel 4 show

Monday 3rd December 2018

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Freddie Bentley made the biggest impact on The Circle.

From the moment he entered his swanky apartment, the 21-year-old took no prisoners, calling out anyone he didn’t like (Ryan) and setting up contestants to help his popularity (Precious and Scotty).

But whatever you thought of Freddie at the start of the show, chances are you warmed to him during the Channel 4 reality series—and you can’t fault him for being astute enough to spot the show’s resident catfish.

From the start there was something about ‘perfect’ Kate that didn’t ring true for Freddie, who successfully kept back from his fellow contestants that he’s gay.

So he was perhaps perfectly placed to notice the signs that Kate wasn’t quite who she said she was.

He was right—Kate ended up being Alex Hobern, but despite a rocky start to their relationship, the pair are inseparable.

“It may surprise people but Alex and I are great friends,” said Freddie.

“I was 100 miles per hour in there but in real life we both understand each other. I have never met any one with such a heart of gold.”

Kate, aka Alex, eventually went on to win the series (and £75,000) after receiving the highest rating from the final four—including Freddie, Sian Owen and Dan Mosaku—along with the people's vote.

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But Freddie isn’t sore that his rival’s masterplan worked.

“I just felt Kate was just a bit too perfect, I knew she was fake” said Freddie. “It was more of a shock to Alex to find out I was gay than me finding out Kate wasn’t Kate.

“That said Alex really deserved to win the money. He grafted for it. I found my time there really therapeutic, whereas he told me it completely drained him because he was pretending to be someone completely different.”

Away from causing drama on the social media reality show, Freddie ended up forming a close bond with Sian, who shared his fierce view on loyalty.

Freddie said: “I’ve always gravitated towards women—90 per cent of my friends are female. Me and Sian clicked straight away.

“We started our friendship in the most amazing way and she got to know me before she knew I was gay. Some people just want to be my friend because I’m gay, but not Sian.

“We have similar backgrounds and have the same view on loyalties. We see each other about three times a week.”

Describing his time in the Circle as “better than therapy”, Freddie says he’s had a back handed complement since exiting the show.

“My friends and family say I’m so much nicer than when I went in,” he joked.

“Before I went into the Circle I hadn’t even cooked for myself before never mind lived alone. I learnt I didn’t have to be so abrupt with people. I went in a boy and came out a man.

“I thought it would be very intense but it was actually really therapeutic. I have a really close group of friends but this was my time to rekindle my time as a person. I would recommend The Circle over therapy any day.”

Although he can’t reveal exactly what projects he has in the pipeline, there former call centre worker is very open about his desire to stay in the limelight—and hints at a collaboration with the other finalists.

He said: “I have tried to break into this industry for years so I’m determined to do what I can to make it.

“I feel like the OG4 (original four) may have some exciting things planned in the future, so watch this space.”

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