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The X Factor 2018: New favourite emerges as two more acts crash out of live shows

Monday 29th October 2018

Hello reality TV lovers, just me again, Britain’s biggest drama queen.

Got to say a massive congratulations to Channel 4 and Stand Up to Cancer for a wonderful evening of entertainment while raising all those millions of pounds.

Now let’s get on with talking about the second live show of The X Factor 2018.

First of all, despite the theme, there was not one 'guilty pleasure' song in the entire show. Were was Barbie Girl and Agadoo?!

Anyway, moving onto the acts. Scarlett Lee, your vocals are on fire girl. Your growth is amazing and I predict amazing things for you. I wasn’t sure when we first met you in 2017, but kudos to the X Factor vocal coach. They have really straightened everything that was annoying about your vibrato, and your makeover is amazing. Scarlett is currently 12/1 with the bookies to win the show (bet below).

Same for Dalton who really stole the show with his incredible performance of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing. I am fuming that X Factor would put any Whitney song as a guilty pleasure though.

Dalton impressed with the bookmakers too—he's now the favourite to win the talent show at 11/8 (see video below), overtaking early favourite Shan, who has slipped to 3/1.

X Factor winning judge odds

Oh dear, Molly Scott (20/1) definitely should have stuck to Stop by the Spice Girls, but to be honest for me wouldn’t have mattered. She just isn’t a star in my eyes, and for me was by far the weakest and should of been out the competition in the auditions.

I will say this again, Aaliyah and Acacia (20/1) aka A Star’s performance never has star quality for me. And I don’t know what has happened to Misunderstood (9/1)—they're not doing it for me in the live shows as they did In other stages of the competition.

Little mentions, Anthony Russell (12/1) smashed his vocal along with Danny Tetley (40/1)—but they had the wrong song choices. Bella Penfold (10/1), Diamonds Are Forever is not a guilty pleasure.

At last, we said goodbye Janice (who I found out from inside sources has apparently been acting like a bit of a diva). And of course it was sad to see the LMA Choir go. The production will be made up though as the food bill and washing bill will be a lot cheaper this week!

Anyway, my predictions for the top three are: Scarlett Lee to win, Dalton in second place and Misunderstood in third.

Love from,

Liam x

X Factor winner odds

A Star (Aaliyaha + Acacia) 25/1 25/1 16/1 25/1
Dalton Harris 11/10 11/10 11/10 11/10
Shan 3/1 3/1 10/3 10/3
Anthony Russell 6/1 6/1 6/1 7/1
Scarlett Lee 8/1 8/1 7/1 7/1
Misunderstood 12/1 12/1 12/1 12/1
Bella Penfold 20/1 20/1 14/1 20/1
Brendan Murray 40/1 40/1 33/1 33/1
Giovanni Spano 33/1 33/1 40/1 50/1
Danny Tetley 66/1 66/1 66/1 66/1

X Factor winner odds

1. A Star (Aaliyaha + Acacia)
Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 13:23 . Odds are subject to change.
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