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The X Factor 2018: One of the acts doesn't deserve to be the final... but which one?

Wednesday 28th November 2018

Hello fabulous people,

Just me, your resident 'motor mouth' (according to some readers!).

I'm writing this while sunning it in Orlando, Florida, on a well earned holiday. Despite this I was still glued to the TV screen over the weekend watching The X Factor.

The semi-finals saw all the acts do an ABBA medley. I have to say I loved this part of the show and enjoyed a little dance in my speedos around our fabulous villa (see video below... of Scarlett's performance, not my dancing!).

I thought we might get through one episode without a Greatest Showman song but no—Scarlett Lee sang This is Me. But to be fair, I loved it. Her vocals every week surprise me, and she is smashing it so much I feel like she may even snatch the crown from Dalton, who is the bookies' favourite to win.

Moving onto the Jamaican-born singer, I genuinely think he could be a superstar. His vocals are amazing, his stylist really loves him, and when he's have worked a bit on his stage presence I think he will be ready for global success. I just hope when he wins (because he will), he'll get the right management and marketing to really make something of his career—because he deserves it.

The X Factor next elimination odds

Moving onto the not so great... Anthony. Listen just because I am Scouse (Liverpudlian) I’ll give you a round of applause for the making the final, but I’m here to give my honest opinion, and that is you really shouldn’t have. You were so flat on your first song and I just don’t see a star in the making. 

Goodbye Brendan—that’s all I’ll say on that matter. And thank goodness my wish has come true and Acacia and Aaliyah have finally been handed their P45. No more shut down or bang bang from those two. Robbie, you've done a disservice to them as a mentor and your wife did to you by sending them home.

Lastly, a little mention to my mate Danny Tetley. Like everyone else in the country, you should have been in the final. You smashed This is my life mate and to be fair you have always shown you have had the goods to back it up vocally—but it wasn’t meant to be. One things for sure, you’ve done us all proud on the cabaret circuit, so go and enjoy you new found success.

My prediction for the finals:

  • Dalton 1st

  • Scarlett 2nd

  • Anthony 3rd

See you all next week for my final X Factor column.

Peace and love,

Liam x

The X Factor winner odds

Dalton Harris 2/9 2/7 2/9 1/3
Scarlett Lee 4/1 4/1 5/1 4/1
Anthony Russell 10/1 10/1 9/1 6/1

The X Factor winner odds

Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 13:45 . Odds are subject to change.
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