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The X Factor 2018: 'Scarlett Lee can go all the way'

Monday 8th October 2018

All I can say is... WOW.

Oh, and hello gorgeous people! It's Liam Halewood, back with all the X Factor gossip.

First of all Robbie Williams, your groups category smashed it at the Six Chair Challenge.

Misunderstood—that is talent right there. Vocals smashed, moves smashed, oh and the mic drop was fabulous.

If they are not in the live shows I will actually force myself to snog the nearest woman—and to me, that's as bad as slapping the Pope.

They have shot to 4/1 with William Hill (from 12/1) to win the series, following their incredible performance this weekend (see video below).

I would snap them up at that price quickly before they shorten any more.

Moving onto the Simon at judges' houses. I for one loved all the girls—they all sung their hearts out. But I really do not agree with Molly Scott going through over Georgia Burgess.

Georgia’s performance should have seen her through to live shows and I for one am gutted. To me Molly is good, but just not original enough.

Shan and Bella—were did you girls come from? Those songs were incredible. If honest, I wasn’t a fan of either till now, but these performances completely changed my mind. Shan, I want a copy of your song Get Back right now.

X Factor winner odds

I’m so pleased for Scarlett Lee that she's through to the live shows this year. I never put anyone down looks-wise but I just want to strip her back and show off her gorgeous features which are always hidden by make-up and flowing clothes.

And songwriter Diane Warren crying with joy at her incredible performance of Whitney Houston's I Didn't Know My Own Strength (see video below) is literally the best way she could have secured her place.

Now an honourable mention has to go out to ITV for bringing This Is Your Life back into Simon's back garden. All we needed was the red book to come out. I mean, it just shows the power Simon Cowell really has over the music biz, and he definitely isn’t slowing down when it comes to making stars.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling, but for me, my favourite to go all the way is Scarlett Lee, just because of her story and how she has got there. She's 14/1 to win the series.

See you next week.

Liam x

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