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The X Factor 2018: Six Chair Challenge highs, lows and a tip for the win

Monday 1st October 2018

Well hello gorgeous people.

I have to say I am little deaf at the moment from all the shouting at six chair challenge. I mean, there is singing for your life, then there’s just pure screeching—which a lot of them did on the weekend.

I don’t know what Simon was thinking with some of his choices, and you can tell that the girls have had no real life experience.

Molly Scott? More like Molly Not. Her vocals were not as good as the judges said, but she will get a nice holiday out of it.

My favourite is Georgia Burgess (see video below)—and I will be putting my money on her for the win (you can get her at 12/1 with he bookies). She's fearless, has vocals to die for and is a true star.

I am pleased Scarlett finally got a chair, but girl, less is more. Just remember that next time you are getting your make-up done.

To me the most forgettable category is the boys. Sorry Louis! I know it’s your first series but I just don’t feel like any of the boys are stars in my eyes. I was about to volunteer my own services to you but then I realised, sh*t—I’m in the overs category now! Speaking of the overs, it was nice to see Janet Devlin back... sorry I mean Brendan Murray.

Winning judge odds

Panda and Burgundy, you two must have someone looking down on you. But while Burgundy should be through on her own as her vocals were incredible, Panda should be out the competition in my opinion. I know Danny Tetley—he deserved his place. Also, a shout out to out 90s rave diva Janice—flawless audition.

We have the groups next week and I hope they come with wow factor and originality. I also hope that Robbie makes the right choices to help make the live shows the best they can be.

Through to judges' houses so far are:

The girls 

Bella Penfold (Golden X)

Mollie Scott

Georgia Burgess

Maria Laroco


Scarlett Lee

The overs 

Ricky John (Golden X)

Danny Tetley

Giovanni Spano

Janice Robinson

Louise Setara

Olatunji Yearwood

The rest of the boys and groups decided this weekend.

Hope you have enjoyed the read, I am off to carvery now for some wholesome food as I am one rough puff and have a hangover from hell.

Much love and paracetamol,

Liam xx

P.s I’m glad Sharon Osbourne isn’t coming back. Let’s face it, all she'd do is throw a glass of water over Robbie Williams (probably).

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