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The X Factor 2018: Winner predictions, tips and final date revealed

Monday 12th November 2018

Hello everyone. How are you all?

I cannot believe how quickly this X Factor series is going. We’re already at the quarter finals!

The top three are at it again for me.

Firstly Dalton, that was one hell of a stellar performance. I sing California Dreaming in my gigs, but I wish I could sing it like you. Your vocals, your stage presence and that outfit (which I also want) just scream ‘star’ to me. Just make sure you stay in your own lane rather than moving into Sam Smith territory.

Dalton's now odds-on at 4/7 to win the show (see full list below).

Next, Scarlett Lee, you looked the best if you ever have, although your vocals were a bit shaky on Saturday. Never the less you still pulled it out the bag. Doing two key changes in a song was a brave move but you nailed it. Lady Gaga would be proud.

Get Scarlett at 5/1 to win.

A little mention to my main man Danny Tetley. Vocals were amazing and the support you are getting from the north of England is incredible. I wasn’t crazy about the song choice this week but who cares when it got you to the quarter finals?

Danny's an outsider to win with the bookies, around 33/1, but with the support he has in the north of England, you could be quids-in with a punt on him.

The X Factor winner odds

For me, Misunderstood have been exactly that through the live shows. Maniac was an awful choice of song for them this weekend. It would have been nice to see their Motown roots come through, but it’s bye bye lads—enjoy performing at holiday parks in 2019.

Oh also another guy went this week but can’t remember his name… (Giovanni Spano in case you wondered).

I genuinely think because all of the support and Danny raking in the most votes most weeks, he really has a chance of winning this whole show. However, I do think that Dalton should win because he proving week by week what a star he is.

Anyway, big hugs see you around like a Dermot O’Leary open sequence spin. And you never know, Robbie may return to his presenting duties sometime before the final on Saturday, December 1.

Much luv, Liam x

The X Factor next elimination odds

A-Star 6/4
Danny Tetley 5/2
Brendan Murray 5/2
Bella Penfold 5/1
Shan 33/1
Scarlett Lee 40/1
Anthony Russell 40/1
Dalton Harris 66/1

The X Factor next elimination odds

Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 13:23 . Odds are subject to change.
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