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The X Factor: Top 5 auditions from around the world

Tuesday 23rd October 2018

With more than 50 versions of the popular talent show broadcasting across the world, The X Factor is one of TV’s biggest music platforms allowing people from all walks of life to try out their vocal abilities in front of judges that are already huge within the industry.

To celebrate just how global the talent show has become, here is the top 5 auditions from around the world.

5. Taylor Henderson, Human Nature (Australia)

With a random judge combination of Ronan Keating and LMFAO’s Redfoo, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what the ideal style of music to get through would be. Who would have thought an acoustic version of the King of Pop’s Human Nature would be just that?

Australian teen Taylor Henderson knocked it out of the park, leaving the Dannii Minogue and her two co-judges on their feet applauding the inventive performance (see video below).

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4. Rachel Potter, Somebody to Love (USA)

In the over 25s category the 29-year-old bartender from Nashville, Tennessee belted out a cover of Somebody to Love by Queen.

It takes a brave vocalist to cover the legend that is Freddie Mercury, but Rachel absolutely nailed it.

In an absolutely soul filled performance, Rachel gave the audition everything she had. With one of the best song endings in X Factor history, the audience and judges were out of their seats cheering and clapping wildly (see below).

3. Ashley Tonga, Proud Mary (New Zealand)

Tina Turner herself would be proud of the New Zealand Bartender's performance of the classic hit song Proud Mary, written by John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Ashley Tonga proved her worth when she performed this in front of the judges on the New Zealand show.

Demonstrating a vocal range that would have most chart topping vocalists’ jaws on the floor, Ashley literally left nothing to question with her rendition of the classic track.

2. Carly Rose, Feeling Good (USA)

Another offering from the USA, 13-year-old Carly Rose clearly knew she was good, and her song choice showed just how confident she was in her voice.

Covering a Nina Simone song was never going to be easy—but the teenager nailed it. Being one of the most played songs of all time, Feeling Good is as difficult as it is epic, and thankfully Carly did it every bit of justice it deserved.

Carly went on to be the runner up of the 2012 USA show.

1. Bella Ferraro, Skinny Love (Australia)

In 2012 unemployed Bella Ferraro sang a cover of Birdy's Skinny Love that was simply sublime.

With half of her school in the audience cheering her on the judges had no choice but to unanimously grant her a place in the next round.

Turning 18 on the day of the audition, Bella received the kind of reception most aspiring young artist will only ever dream about.

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