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The X Factor: Why United Vibe and Molly Scott deserved to be eliminated

Monday 5th November 2018

Hello my gorgeous peeps.

How was everyone’s Halloween? Mine was great, I went all out and got dressed up for the occasion in spooky make-up.

I may have looked scary but it's not as hair-raising as X Factor was on the weekend.

Firstly let’s start with the fantastic. Dalton, your version of Creep was insane and your vocals are just so on point, and apart from those white contact lenses I think you suited your hair and style this week so much you should keep it.

Scarlett Lee who is my winner, I have three words... Wow, wow, wow. You have definitely put a spell on me girl, and you have the talent to rival any big American diva such as Kelly Clarkson.

You can get her at 9/1 to win the series (see full odds list below).

Danny Tetley—there's a bloody curse on you mate for technical issues. But I have to say, take the Dalek voice away and you were definitely up there with the top two singers last night (see video below).

You are probably all thinking why I never mention Bella or Gio. The fact is they have always been irrelevant to me and I pretend they are not there.

X Factor winning judge odds

Now for the scary stuff. United Vibe—your rendition of Bleeding Love left my ears bleeding. Whoever choose that song for you needs shooting. Out of tune harmonies and off-key lead vocals really ruined that song and I am glad they have gone. Enjoy the wrong direction tribute act tour.

I’m glad that Acacia and Aaliyah were in the sing-off because they are just too big for their boots. I really can’t warm to them. The only reason they survived was because they were in the sing-off with boring, bland Molly, who for me as you know, should never have been there in the first place.

Have a lovely week.

Liam x

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