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This is why Lewis G must be evicted from Big Brother

Friday 28th September 2018

Big Brother may be in its final series — at least on Channel 5 — but the series and its creative director Paul Osborne are ensuring it goes out with a bang.

Taking its lead from previous series, as well as both the American and Canadian versions of the reality show, it’s turned into more of a game than ever before, while allowing the housemates involved to — for the most part — take us right back to basics.

We’ve got a cleaner, a call centre worker, a bartender, a carer — and many others from all walks of life. It’s the bricklayer however, known in the house as Lewis G, who risks ruining what could be one of the best series of Big Brother the UK has ever seen.

This week, he goes head-to-head with the house’s other Lewis — Lewis F — in what may well turn out to be one of the closest evictions of all time. Though it’s a vote to evict, the fact that only two members of the house are on the chopping block means that all of Lewis G’s fans simply have to vote Lewis F out so that the wind-up merchant can remain.

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Some may find Lewis G’s antics funny. They may think it’s great to see someone like him causing chaos in the house. Stephen Bear did (unfortunately) of course win Celebrity Big Brother, and that’s obviously who Lewis G is modelling his behaviour off. If we really want a series that is Big Brother back to its roots however, Lewis G has to go.

Lewis G represents the contestants we’ve seen time and time again throughout Channel 5’s run of the series, whereas Lewis F is somebody who embodies the brilliance of the average person we’d see back when Channel 4 had the rights to the reality format. The classic has to beat out the wannabe. If Lewis G stays, his ego will take over completely.

Brooke said it best during her chat in the garden in last night’s highlights show. All Lewis G needs is a zap of confidence from the public saving him, and he’ll ramp his behaviour up into overdrive. He’ll turn into an utter monster of reality television. If that happens, this final series may be doomed.

If he goes however, we’ll enjoy weeks of genuine housemates all interacting and competing in a brilliant string of episodes. With Osborne at the wheel, anything is possible, but with Lewis G serving as a puncture, he threatens to bring the show screeching to a halt before it’s allowed to really get going. 

Perhaps his behaviour would be easier to swallow if he had a whiff of a redeemable quality about him, but he’s shown himself time and again to be classless and without regret. When Kay — who was supposed to be his friend — called him out on his behaviour, he just shot back with meaningless catchphrases, and waves of the arms. He did the same to Isaac when the pair had a falling out.

Lewis G is somebody who has clearly never had to answer to his ridiculous actions. Hopefully, the public will serve him the much-needed dose of reality he needs this Friday, and send him packing.

Big Brother continues Sundays to Fridays on Channel 5.

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Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 13:23 . Odds are subject to change.
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