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Which Coronation Street character will evil Pat Phelan kill next?

Friday 20th April 2018

Corrie killer Pat Phelan is set to return to the cobbles for one last murderous rampage that will see him kill off a character.

Pat (Conor McIntyre) was recently unmasked as the murderer of four Coronation Street faces: Michael Rodwell, Vinny Ashford, Andy Carver and Luke Britton.

As you’ll remember, his wife Eileen kicked him into the sea on holiday and he’s now presumed dead – though no body has washed up.

But he’ll make one final trip to the street to bump another resident off, totalling his victims at five.

Who will fall in the hands of evil Pat?

Here are the top 5 rumoured  characters we will be waving bye to, with bookmaker odds below.

Gary Windass

Gary has been a long term enemy of Phelan’s, ever since the killer Geordie conned the Windass family out of £80,000 and forced Anna to sleep with him.

Since then, Gary has had a vendetta against Phelan, and maintained he was a bad guy even before the truth came out.

Gary is collecting evidence against Phelan to get his mum out of jail, and with Seb was the reason Phelan’s victims’ bodies were found.

So it comes as no surprise to Corrie fans that Phelan would be hell bent on taking revenge once he’s back on the cobbles.

Gary has already been presumed dead once, and was nearly killed during a boxing match with David Platt – does bad luck really come in threes?

Eileen Grimshaw

Phelan’s long-suffering wife had no idea her beloved Pat was a cold blood killer.

She locked herself away when the news came out, but has since joined Gary and Daniel Barlow’s efforts to free Anna.

But will her new mission lead her straight into the clutches of her evil spouse?

Eileen presumed Phelan dead when she kicked him from the ledge of a wall and into a stormy sea below.

Will Phelan come back to finish her off, like she tried to do to him?

Tim Metcalfe

You might remember how Tim actually saved Pat’s life when he fell into a pillar at the building site he was working at.

But Tim is the third most likely to be on Phelan’s hit list, despite his former heroic efforts.

Tim was focused on exposing Phelan for what he was, hiding Seb from him and trying to turn Eileen against him.

But now that the truth is out, will Tim pay for his actions?

Seb Franklin

Seb used to work for Phelan, and together with Gary found the bodies of Andy and Vinny.

Phelan has been after Seb ever since he accused the killer in court of lying about Anna Windass.

But will he go that one step further and finish off the troubled youth?

Age won’t be an issue to Pat, whose murderous rampage has seen him torture and kill four men.

And although Phelan’s daughter Nicola, Gary and Tim are all protecting Seb, will he be the one to meet his untimely fate?

Billy Mayhew

The street’s resident vicar has seen a fall from grace in recent months, after becoming addicted to drugs and being estranged to his partner Todd.

And after playing the Good Samaritan when Billy went missing, Phelan turned violent in a shocking episode that saw him threaten Billy.

The vicar is now in hospital recovering and will likely return to Eileen’s house, where his adopted daughter Summer is staying.

Will Phelan come back to his own home to take Billy out?

Rumours about Billy being a victim were already doing the rounds before his showdown with Pat – will he finish him off this time?

Next Coronation Street character to be killed by Pat Phelan odds

Eileen Grimshaw 3/1
Tim Metcalfe 4/1
Seb Franklin 5/1
Billy Mayhew 6/1
Aidan Connor 10/1
Daniel Osbourne 10/1
Anna Windass 16/1
Chesney Brown 20/1
David Platt 20/1
Zeedan Nazir 20/1
Adam Barlow 25/1
Faye Windass 25/1
Robert Preston 25/1
Brian Packham 50/1
Johnny Connor 50/1
Norris Cole 100/1
Roy Cropper 100/1
Gary Windass Evens

Next Coronation Street character to be killed by Pat Phelan odds

Odds correct as of 11th Apr, 15:15 . Odds are subject to change.
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