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2008 Bush Tucker Trials | I'm A Celebrity 2008 | Celebrity Odds

For viewers their favourite part of I'm a Celebrity is the bush tucker trials. If the celebrities do well in these trials as well as winning food and treats for their camp it can increase the celebrities odds of winning or just staying in the contest for another week. We will keep you updated to the best bush tucker trials and how the celebrities fared.

2008 :

Confronted his fear of water in order to complete the Last Gasp task on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! He managed to grab six of seven underwater stars with his mouth and returned them to a base within the allotted time period. He also had to contend with oscar fish, eels and crocodiles, "I don't swim at all but didn't want to say anything in camp. This is the whole part of the show, getting over your fears," he told Ant and Dec,

28th November

George Takei and Brian Paddick joined forces in the Pluck And Roll Bushtucker Trial. They were required to transfer six stars through a tubular maze whilst wearing suits covered in seeds and going through an Ostrich pen. They succeed in obtaining 8 stars which resulted in eight meals between the remaining eleven contestants.

25th November

For her Bush Tucker Trial, Nicola McLean had to go into the Caverns Of Calamity and collect stars in a dark cave surrounded by creepy crawlies, she only managed to obtain three stars which meant the camp only gained three meals, she said "That was really tough. Timmy and David will be hungry so I'm buzzing about that".

23rd November

David Van Day took part is his first Bush Tucker Trial today which involved crawling into a small tunnel to locate several stars in seven minutes, the tunnel then had water added to as well as eels and other nasties, the tunnel had several chambers each with more horrors such as complete darkness and rats, this was all too much for David who ended up failing his task.

21st November

Robert Kilroy-Silk has successfully completed another bush tucker trial in which he had to use the "special" work out equipment. First he had to pedal a bike for one minute whilst cockroaches and other things were chucked at him, then he had complete the Push Up of Pain where he had to retrieve stars that were in boxes blocked by rats and eels, next up was the Bite Bag, a punch bag filled with green ants where a star was hidden in the middle. This was followed by Death Row which involved putting his head in a canopy of spiders and stick insects, finally he had to get two stars across the Sore-na, a contraption filled with snakes.

20th November

Todays task involved Robert Kilroy - Silk and he was subjected to a terrifying ten mintues where he was enclosed in a Perspex John Travolta outfit where animals were placed into and allowed to crawl around him.

19th November

For the third time Joe Swash took part in a bush tucker trial, he may be on his way to beating the record held by Janice Dickinson from I'm A Celebrity 2007 who took part in ten trials.

Today's task was quite simple both Swash and Kilroy-Silk were placed in separate chambers and chained with leg irons, belts and handcuffs, they then had to free themselves by finding keys that were placed at the bottom of the chamber, the first out was the winner. Kilroy Silk tried to claim he had won and that the keys were wrong but whilst he argued Swash emerged from his chamber the winner!

18th November

Today's challenge was called the "I Scream Van challenge" and feature Nicola McLean and bush tucker regular Joe Swash. The winner would be able to earn food for their camp.

Page 3 model McLean ate three crocodile eyes, three crocodile toes, five silkworms, a Cricket's Knickerbocker Glory, kangaroo testicle and a piece of foot to win the challenge. Joe managed a Cockroach Knickerbocker Glory, a witchetty grub and a crocodile's penis and testicles but struggled to eat two dead scorpions.

16th November

As the celebrities has been split into two camps; Home & Away, the first bush tucker trial was a competition between the two camps. Each camp had to pick someone from their team to see who take part. Step forward Simon Webbe and Joe Swash whose task was to gather the most stars by searching holes in large tank that contained rats, scorpions and eels. The task winner was Joe Swash..

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