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Liam Halewood

I'm luscious Liam from Liverpool, star of The X Factor 2015. If you like to be entertained, you've come to the right place. Think Alan Carr, Rylan Clark-Neal and Paul O'Grady with a twist of (handsome) Christopher Biggins.

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The X Factor 2018: One of the acts doesn't deserve to be the final... but which one?
Wednesday 28th November 2018

Hello fabulous people, Just me, your resident 'motor mouth' (according to some readers!). I'm writing this while sunning it in Orlando, Florida, on a well earned holiday. Despite this I was still glued to the TV screen over the…

The X Factor 2018: Winner predictions and big band losers
Monday 19th November 2018

Hello guys and gals, Hope you are all well. What a week it’s been. It seems my column last week rubbed some people up the wrong way and I got a bit of backlash from some of you. But I guess if I am allowed to give my opinion, you are…

The X Factor 2018: Winner predictions, tips and final date revealed
Monday 12th November 2018

Hello everyone. How are you all? I cannot believe how quickly this X Factor series is going. We’re already at the quarter finals! The top three are at it again for me. Firstly Dalton, that was one hell of a stellar performance. I sing…

The X Factor: Why United Vibe and Molly Scott deserved to be eliminated
Monday 5th November 2018

Hello my gorgeous peeps. How was everyone’s Halloween? Mine was great, I went all out and got dressed up for the occasion in spooky make-up. I may have looked scary but it's not as hair-raising as X Factor was…

The X Factor 2018: New favourite emerges as two more acts crash out of live shows
Monday 29th October 2018

Hello reality TV lovers, just me again, Britain’s biggest drama queen. Got to say a massive congratulations to Channel 4 and Stand Up to Cancer for a wonderful evening of entertainment while raising all those millions of pounds.…

The X Factor 2018: Highs and lows as 2 acts exit first live show
Monday 22nd October 2018

Well there you have it my gorgeous peeps, the first live show of The X Factor 2018—and what a first show it was. I mean, even Peter Dickson (the show's voiceover guy) was so excited he got a contestant's name wrong. I have…

The X Factor 2018: Predictions and tips for the top ahead of live shows
Tuesday 16th October 2018

Hi X Factor fans, It's Liam back with my round up of everyone's favourite TV talent show. And here we have it—we have our finalist for the live shows. Firstly, Louis, your boys category surprised me, but the knock-out performance…

The X Factor 2018: 'Scarlett Lee can go all the way'
Monday 8th October 2018

All I can say is... WOW. Oh, and hello gorgeous people! It's Liam Halewood, back with all the X Factor gossip. First of all Robbie Williams, your groups category smashed it at the Six Chair Challenge. Misunderstood—that is talent…

The X Factor 2018: Six Chair Challenge highs, lows and a tip for the win
Monday 1st October 2018

Well hello gorgeous people. I have to say I am little deaf at the moment from all the shouting at six chair challenge. I mean, there is singing for your life, then there’s just pure screeching—which a lot of them did on the weekend.…

The X Factor auditions week 4: Drag queens, cat mums and Village People covers
Monday 24th September 2018

Hey all, It's Liam, fresh from an amazing visit to the Spice Girls Exhibition at Manchester’s Great Northern centre. If you get the chance to go, I would definitely recommend it. Anyway, back to the subject at hand... Welcome…

The X Factor 2018: 'Tom Richards looks like a star, but his vocals didn’t cut it'
Monday 17th September 2018

Well hello X Factor fans. How are we all doing? I’m back offering my honest and frank opinions on this weekend’s auditions. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly—and now I’m adding stupid into it. Cue another…

The X Factor: Liam Halewood picks out the good, the bad and the downright weird
Monday 10th September 2018

The X Factor is back on our screens, and former auditionee Liam Halewood is back with a new weekly column Shout Out To My X to pick out the good, the bad and the downright weird performances from each episode. Cabaret singer Liam—who…

Liam Halewood talks skating winners and losers ahead of Dancing on Ice semi-final
Monday 26th February 2018

Hello my little Dancing on Ice fans! Liam here again talking about your fave dancing programme at the moment. So. I have to mention first, isn’t Holly Willoughby already married? The dress was fabulous, but a bit OTT me thinks…

'I was completely wrong about them!' Who impressed Liam Halewood on Dancing on Ice?
Monday 19th February 2018

Brooke Vincent has made Liam Halewood backtrack on his opinions of the Coronation Street star after her "incredible" performance on Sunday's show. Reality Bite's resident Dancing on Ice columnist is ready to accept his…

'His skating is awful!' Which Dancing on Ice celebrity is Liam Halewood talking about?
Monday 12th February 2018

Well hello all you fabulous people who just love a bit of reality! I am back from my Caribbean cruise and ready to cool myself down with my weekly opinions from your fave cold programme, Dancing On Ice. Well, firstly (apart from the…