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Luke Marsden

A radio presenter on Wish FM. Podcast hos - the  Luke and Lucy FM with Lucy Hilton. Also holds the honour of being a former housemate in Big Brother 2008.

Has had the pleasure of switching on the Wigan Christmas lights six years in a row.

Total articles: 39

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Luke Marsden: Big Brother final 'slap in the face' to show that shaped reality TV as we know it
Tuesday 6th November 2018

When you lose a loved one, such as mother, father, grandma or even that aunt that you only see once a year, you get an overwhelming feeling of loss. But what happens when we lose our Big Brother? Today as a type this, I don’t feel a sense…

Big Brother finalists: 'We’re left with the dregs nobody wants to drink,' says Luke Marsden
Monday 29th October 2018

As we enter the final (ever?!) week of Big Brother, can we really look at the housemates who are left and say: “greatest bunch ever?” Simply put, no. We’re basically just left with the dregs that nobody wants to drink.…

Luke Marsden calls for 'more cut throat evictions and basic budgets' ahead of Big Brother final
Monday 22nd October 2018

Ding dong, The King is dead (well in terms of his TV career). Hussain’s reign is over and his exit was smoother than the UK’s will be from the EU. The look of disappointment on his face was priceless—he strutted into the house…

Luke Marsden talks backstabbing, conspiracies... and reveals his Big Brother winner
Monday 15th October 2018

As the final is in sniffing distance the housemates are becoming more desperate to stay than an MP on election night. The backstabbing and conspiracies are at an all-time high—and frankly that’s the way it should be. At the end…

'It's the reality TV storyline of the year!' What Big Brother moment is Luke Marsden talking about?
Monday 24th September 2018

Over a week in and we’ve seen a removal, an eviction and a debate about cross-contamination. Big Brother is intending to leave us on a high. But is it too happy a house? Anamelia was as popular as a cold tin of baked beans. With her constant…

Luke Marsden weighs up the new Big Brother housemates — for the last time
Saturday 15th September 2018

Even the greatest show has to come to an end. Although Big Brother was literally buried alive on Channel 4 it was resurrected less than a year later by Channel 5. Let’s live in hope that this new series will be so compelling to watch…

Luke Marsden turns into psychic Sally to predict futures of Celebrity Big Brother finalists
Tuesday 11th September 2018

So the series that had the nation talking about anything other than Love Island and Donald Trump has finally ended. It started with a prediction from psychic Sally that a woman would walk first. Funny how Stormy Daniels could spend time…

Luke Marsden on 'punch-gate': 'I feel like we’ve all been punched in the ribs.'
Wednesday 5th September 2018

What a week. I feel like we’ve all been punched in the ribs. It’s hard to imagine a time before Roxanne Pallett decided to commit career suicide on national TV. Does anyone even remember poor Chloe’s eviction was only…

Luke Marsden: 'Natalie Nunn's eviction interview was like watching a live lobotomy'
Monday 27th August 2018

Over a week into the show, the dream of having Stormy Daniels as a late arrival is long gone along with two other housemates. ‘Nasty girl’ Natalie Nunn was the first housemate to get the boot—and nobody likes going first unless…

Luke Marsden: 'President Kirstie Alley should start building a wall asap.'
Friday 17th August 2018

The annual circus has returned to town and this time it has brought with it, a Ken doll lookalike, a washed up American actress, a former criminal oh and Jason from Corrie. The house has a retro feel to it this series, with more neon lights…

From Courtney's bare bum to Ann Widdecombe's 'balls' – Luke Marsden on the CBB final
Saturday 3rd February 2018

Thirty-two days later we’ve finally crowned a winner of ‘year of the woman’ – albeit it’s a man who has won, but he looks better in drag than most of the female contestants did in their posh clothes. This series…

'I’m hoping for an OAP final!' Luke Marsden reveals his Celebrity Big Brother final 3
Saturday 27th January 2018

Less than a week to go until we finally crown a winner for this series of Celebrity Big Brother, which I think we can all agree, has felt like it’s lasted longer than any other series. Ashley walked in looking like a glamour model and…

'More deadwood for the fire!' Luke Marsden calls time on 3 men ahead of triple eviction
Wednesday 24th January 2018

Finally, we’re starting to see some men leave the ‘year of the woman’ house. I was concerned it would be an all-male final on a year that is supposed to champion women. When the tasked was announced that it would be men verses…

Luke Marsden: 'The most irritating part of the double eviction is that it wasn’t a triple one'
Saturday 20th January 2018

We’re over half way through the Celebrity Big Brother series and just like every year, we’ve come to the point where one housemate is dominating the airtime (in this case Ann) while the others literally just sit there and moan.…

Luke Marsden: 'Let's clear out deadwood Dapper Laughs and keep Ann Widdecombe in!'
Wednesday 17th January 2018

A few more days have passed in the Celebrity Big Brother house and what a treat we’ve had. From skid marks on windows to bum cheek waxing – oh, and Ann drinking white wine in bed. The men have had the power to nominate while the…