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Nicole Scherzinger | The X Factor | Final Six

The X Factor tweaked its format in 2013 when it came to Boot Camp. In the past, those hopefuls who had made it over the hurdle of the first audition were then subject to further auditions in front of all of the judges, who chose together which talent would move ahead in the process. In 2013 a new approach was developed.

Nicole Scherzinger Small

Nicole Scherzinger already knew that she was to mentor the Girls' section, so it was her and her alone who assessed the various contestants and decided who she would take away to Judges' Houses.

The stage was dressed with six white chairs, each of which represented a passport to the next round. However, whilst some sighed with relief as they claimed their chair, it soon became clear that they could also loose their place if an auditionee came along who performed better.

This process made both contestants and Judge more emotional than ever, great bait for the viewers but a nerve wracking journey for those involved. A roller coaster ride that lead to dreams being fulfilled and hopes dashed within minutes.

Nicole Scherzinger was visibly distressed by the whole event but will have no one but herself to blame if those she chose to go through, of the talent on offer, are not up to the job.

The final six she chose were as follows:


Abi Alton

Abi Alton is unusual when it comes to the usual X Factor hopeful. Stepping into the fray her fragile appearance, wearing severe black specs and a flower garland in her hair, belies her ability to create a presence on stage . In fact it is this very difference that will serve her well in the journey ahead. Playing the piano proves her musicianship and the sincerity and tone of her voice draws the audience in as powerfully as if she was a typical belting Diva. It will be a surprise if Nicole doesn't take her all the way to the Live Shows.

Tamera Foster

Tamera couldnt be more different from Abi. Looking every inch the pop star, she looks ready to step into a recording contract right away and there must be many in the industry ready to sweep her up should she stumble in the X Factor process. Her voice is extremely powerful, with a tone and depth that will touch many, however she is only sixteen years of age and has already forgotten her lyrics once so she may find the limelight a little too overwhelming. Famously Louis Walsh commented that no-one had ever given such a spectacular X Factor audition, not even Leona Lewis, so it would be a surprise if Nicole dismisses the chance to mentor a potential superstar.

Hannah Barrett

Hannah possesses a powerful soul voice, the like of which is not unfamiliar to The X Factor, but it is the origin of that soul that could take her further. Without the fragility of Abi Alton or the trendiness and downright gorgeousness of Tamera, Hannah is known to have had a very tough start in life and her determination to move away from children's homes and a distressing family background filters through her performances. Nicole and the audience clearly feel this earnest and sincere endeavour and find it moving and addictive. Nicole will find it very hard to come between Hannah and her dream.

Jade Richards

Jade has experienced the X factor before reaching Judges' Houses with Kelly Rowland in 2011, so whilst she may be nervous that she will face more rejection she will be famiiar with the process. Her voice is strong, her demeanour pleasant with a hint of Adee about her overall look, but she looks like one of the most vulnerable in the final six. The girls'section this year is very strong and Jade may not bring enough originality to break through. Perhaps it will work in her favour that she wil not be as nervous as the other hopefuls at Judges' Houses and that could be her saving grace.

Reilly Clarke

Reilly Clarke is no wallflower, her half brunette and half blonde haircut indicates that's she's happy to be noticed and her personality certainly matches her barnet. With a powerful voice it is her sense of energy and fun that all of the judges picked up on in the earlier rounds. Nicole is well known for her own sense of fun, she would never have taken Rylan Clarke through last year if she hadnt, so it may actually be Reilly's personality that is her biggest asset at this stage. Should Abi or Tamera falter with nerves Nicole could well take Reilly through as a no nonsense chanteuse who can deliver a song.

Melanie McCabe

Melanie McCabe has been a favourite with the bookies from the outset. This is Melanie's fourth attempt at the X Factor and she has made no secret of the fact that if she doesn't get through this year then that is it. Like Jade she too made it to Judges' Houses with Kelly Rowland in 2011, so she should be prepared for the next stage but whether she can beat the rest of the competition this year is questionable. She doesn't possess a particular look or a particular sound , neither does she have the exuberance of Reilly but there does seem to be a haunting quality to her voice that hooks those listening. She was the last to secure one of the treasured six seats and she will be mustering every ounce of lyricism that she doesnt lose it.

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